BijouMontre Grand Adventure Collection BM 55010T / BM 55030T / BM55050T

The BijouMontre Grand Adventure Collection is a projection of the personality of Chief Designer Aurelie.

Aurelie, who travels for work quite often, is inspired by her adventurous mind and presents a collection of ease and freedom with a gorgeous and elegant ambiance.

This collection is based on modern illustration style, portraying women’s yearning. A vigorous and confident urban woman roams in different cities, like trendy and romantic Paris, classical and charming Venice and urban and modern Manhattan. These cities are just like women, changeable and attractive.

And to make the artistic illustration more vigorous and each city more vivid, BijouMontre has adopted three-layer dials; the bottom layers are backgrounds of cities, the middle layers are meticulous buildings and the top layers are fashionable and lively ladies. These layers create the visual effect of depth of field, plus they look fascinating. The dial design not only shows BijouMontre craftsmanship but also presents exquisite artistic looks, worthy of careful appreciation. In addition, the inner diamonds increase the sense of luxury.

The overall emphasis on geometric outlines portrays special oval cases and rectangular lugs on the top. The dazzling bezels embedded finely with diamonds and the embedded jewels on lugs create a BijouMontre-exclusive luxurious ambiance.

Technical details

BM 55010T / BM 55030T / BM55050T
Original Swiss quartz movement
Swiss 316 L stainless steel case
Case dimensions: 31.2×36 mm
Sapphire crystal dual-bridge surface
White mother-of-pearl dial
D / VVS diamonds (1.20 ct.)
Water resistance to 3 ATM
BijouMontre satin strap (black)
The model is limited to 200 units worldwide.

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