SARCAR Divas Collection – Colibri

The hummingbird is one of the smallest birds found on earth and considered the most amazing creature on the planet with some measuring only 5cm, it can hover in mid-air by flapping its wings as much as 80 times per second. At such frequency, it creates a humming sound audible to human ears.

Flying at a speed exceeding 54km/h, these birds are the only specie that can also fly backwards. With some of the smallest specie weighing less than a penny, it also has the highest metabolism of any animal in its ability to conserve energy by going into hibernation-like state where their metabolic rate is slowed to 1/15 of its normal rate.

Such attributes this bird of marvel has contributed to the human world has not been left unnoticed and SARCAR’s designers pay tributes to these birds of beauty with its creation of the Colibri. Delicate bird in 18Ks graved gold is set with blue sapphire.

The exotic flower in Atrina MOP is laid on an 18K gold leave set with emeralds and aquamarines. SARCAR’s signature an over 0.35ct diamond completes the distinguished elegance of this poetic scenery.

Technical details

Collection: Divas Colibri
Reference: A63018.001G
Movement: Frédéric Piguet
Case material: White Gold 18K
Case dimensions: Diameter 40 mm
Dial: Atrina MOP, Colibri in white Gold and Sapphires, Emeralds,
Rubies, Aquamarins with 1 Solitaire of 0.35 Carat
Crown: Set with a Brilliant
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Bracelet: Gold bracelet in white Gold 18K

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