A.Manzoni & Fils Canopus Automatic Chronograph

Presented at Baselworld 2014, the New Canopus Chronograph from A.Manzoni & Fils was designed by ILKKA SUPPANEN. This watch houses the brand’s own automatic chronograph movement MA02.

The MA02 movement with a special additional date module is completely manufactured in-house apart from the spring. All bridges are finished with A.Manzoni & Fils typical Côte de Copacabana referring to the famous Brazilian landscape architect Burlé Marx.

It features a unit for improved fine regulation, a Ceramic Ball bearing which reduces the friction and grants better rewinding, a winding system with perpendicular double notches for minimal abrasion. The movement is further equipped with KIF parachoc and the entire Chrono system is between the jewels.

The dial shows besides the day-date, weekday and month a tachometer scale, a pulsometer scale and a respiration scale, therefore it is a very useful instrument for doctors. In addition, the chrono-hand allows to measure the 4th of a second.

The 48mm case is available in stainless steel with leather strap or metal bracelet. Versions in white gold, red gold and yellow gold are planned in the future.

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