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Based in Copenhagen, REC is a young watch brand that incorporates a radically different approach to the art of creating wristwatches, by handpicking historically iconic objects and recycling them into charming new timepieces.

REC Watches was founded in 2011 by passionate watch lovers Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup. The brand takes inspiration from any old everyday objects found all around us. They identify, recover and recycle old and out-of-use objects, and reclaim these as part of brand new timepieces and each REC watch comes with a visible uniqueness, a sense of sustainability, and a heart warming or fascinating story to tell.


  • RECOVER: REC Watches identifies and recovers out-of-use objects. Careful attention is paid to the condition and individual history of the object.
  • RECYCLE: The object is preserved and carefully made into parts, so it fits into a timepiece.
  • RECLAIM: Watches are produced which incorporate the object. As a result REC Watches has a completely unique look and design.

What really marks REC Watches out are the personalities the accessory can convey. Each watch stands out as unique thanks to distinct individualities in the metal surface of each face. The finger prints like rarities in the material can be traced back by the VIN number on the back: telling the particular story of each watch’s recycled components. These watches can be further individualized with an easily changed watch strap, accommodating the accessory to fit with the casual, formal or sports occasions of the owner.

REC Watches – Current Collections
1. REC Mark I
Inspired by the classic elliptical dashboard of the Mark I Minis, the Mark I watch is a tribute to one of the most characteristic elements of the little iconic car. As the very first Mini to hit the pavement on a larger scale, the Mark I has in many ways become synonymous with the joyful 60’s, and was a favourite among both celebrities and the working class.

Here REC transfers the elliptical shape of the dashboard to the design of this timepiece, such that it encircles the two chronographs, providing a “dashboard within the watch”.

The remaining dial is produced exclusively from recycled Mini metal, and will feature very distinct and visible imperfections, providing an altogether unique feel to the watch.

  • Handcrafted recycled metal dial
  • Back case with link to dial’s origin
  • Circular and vertical brushed stainless steel case (44,3 mm)
  • OS21 Miyota movement with 24H indicator, 60-minute chronograph and date
  • Mineral Glass Crystal
  • Elegant genuine leather strap
  • Accompanying custom and sporty nylon strap M1

2. REC Cooper
The Cooper watch is influenced by the distinctive bonnet stripes of the Mini Cooper. While these “stripes” perhaps became most commonly known through the movie “The Italian Job”, they have since become very popular with both new and classic Mini Cooper owners. Being such a definitive and minimalistic feature of the Mini, it was an obvious choice to subtly incorporate in this design, and thus the Cooper watch was born.

The recycled Mini metal dial is complimented by the two familiar racing stripes, as well as the indicators. Having won multiple famous races, including the prestigious Rally Monte Carlo 3 times, the Mini Cooper has a rich history of its own. Therefore this watch is not only a tribute to the Coopers impressive pedigree, but equally to its minimalistic ideals.

  • Handcrafted recycled metal dial
  • Back case with link to dial’s origin
  • Circular and vertical brushed stainless steel case (42,5 mm)
  • Gold Plated, 5 Jewels, Caliber 763 Ronda Swiss Movement
  • Mineral Glass Crystal
  • Elegant genuine leather strap
  • Accompanying custom and sporty nylon strap C1

3. REC Minimalist
The inspiration for the Minimalist watch is derived from the very ideals of the classic Mini itself. Born out of inflated fuel prices during the Suez Crisis, the classic Mini simply necessitated a thrifty and innovative design. Sir Alec Issigonis’ result was a small, frugal car with impressive handling, which despite its small dimensions could fit in up to four people and their luggage. Little did he know that his invention would subsequently be produced in over 25 million units, and be considered one of the most innovative and revolutionary vehicles of all time.

Thus, while both the Cooper and Mark I timepieces feature subtle design references to the recycled metals origin, the approach for the Minimalist was somewhat different. Keeping in line with the brand’s Danish heritage, the fundamental approach to the design of this watch was to create a, just like the car, minimalistic and to-the-point timepiece.

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[Note : Watch collections as on 31 May 2014]

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