Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon

Roshan Martin, the visionary Montreux based watch designer, had one goal: to conceive the finest precision timepieces in the world and perpetuates the crafts, values and handmade “Savoir-faire Helvetique’’ of great master watchmakers from the 18th century through unique creations with timeless beauty.

By announcing the Légende collection, Roshan Martin challenges and shakes the industry with the world’s thinnest traditional manual winding tourbillon. Measuring a mere 2.8 mm thick, the Masterpiece’s extra-thin movement is housed in a 5.7 mm thin case made of precious metals and passion.

Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon

Designed in Montreux, Developed and produced entirely in Switzerland, the limited edition Légende Tourbillon collection heralds a new innovation in traditional rich Swiss watch making industry. The ultra thin tourbillon, inspired by observatory watches, provides unparalleled precision.

Ancient methods which were often forgotten and Master watchmaker’s craft’s were required for hand adjusting and finishing of its balance wheel, escapement and many other parts as they fall way below the industry standards. For example the Rubies used in the Légende Tourbillon movement are as thin as 0.2 mm whereas standard Rubies are 0.45+ mm.

The record setting Légende Tourbillon Masterpiece is an 18th century heritage and demands an extraordinary amount of research, know-how and perseverance. Three long years were necessary to achieve the goal, objectives and challenges that Roshan Martin set to his team.

 Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon

The case, measuring 43.5 mm of pure emotion in diameter and a well proportioned “Museum Design”, will be available in proprietary fused carbon, 5N Rose or 750 Platinum. It will house a traditional manual winding tourbillon calibre measuring 37mm in diameter and 2.8 in thickness.

Purists and collectors will recognize the savoir-faire of the brand through the beautifully hand-finished movement which dominates the front view with the tourbillon at 9 o’clock. The brand name is inscribed or engraved just above the tourbillon on the visible movement instead of dial.

A small enamel dial (also available in gold or platinum in matte finish) near 3 o’clock of the timepiece looks after the timekeeping functions with gold or platinum hands. The Platinum main plate and brigde of the movement are NAC finished with traditional Côtes de Genève.

Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon

The Movement has a handmade blackened platinum main-plate and bridge. All movement parts are hand bevelled to the highest level. This timepiece is fitted with an anti-reflective sapphire glass and personalized open sapphire caseback.

Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon with carbon fibre case

The beautifully finished movement dominates the front view with the tourbillon at 9’o clock. The brand name and logo is inscribed just above the tourbillon on the visible movement instead of dial.

Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon platinum

A small dial (available in gold or platinum) in matte finish near 3’o clock with hand engraved numerals looks after the timekeeping functions with hand finished gold or platinum hands. The COSC version of the timepiece will have a small seconds located at 6’o clock.

Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon diamond set version

The Légende Tourbillon is limited to 10 pieces. The Légende Tourbillon is also available in sparkling diamond studded versions with baguette cut or princess cut diamonds.

Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon diamond set watch

The chronometer, COSC version announced for later 2014 of the timepiece, will have a small second located at 6 o’clock.

The Légende Tourbillon collection is to date is limited to only 10 pieces.

Technical details

Model: Légende Tourbillon

Carbon, Rose gold 5N or platinum 750
Diameter: 43’5 mm
Thickness: 5’7 mm Height

Dial plate: Gold or Platinum
Matte black finish
Indexes: appliqués / or hand engraved
Hands: Gold or Platinum angled hand
Small seconds at 6 o’clock (For COSC version only)

Manufacture Calibre RM10 – TEP
Mechanical movement with manual winding, Tourbillon extra flat
Eccentric hour and minute display
Diameter: 37 mm
Movement height:  2.8 mm
Number of components: 115
Number of jewels: 22
Power reserve: 55 hours
Escapement: Manufactured in Switzerland
Balance: 5N pink gold or platinum
Frequency: 18’000 Vph
Spiral: Breguet

Black or brown crocodile strap

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