ARCHIMEDE Watches – OutDoor Protect with Hardened Surface and New Silicone Strap

The ARCHIMEDE OutDoor Protect is constructed and designed for active people who need a rugged watch which is still comfortable to wear. With the new version of ARCHIMEDE OutDoor Protect the ICKLER manufactured steel case and the corresponding steel bracelet now have a hardened surface.

The special hardening process has the following properties:

  1. Hardness ca. 1200 HV
  2. Thickness of the hardened layer: ca. 30µm
  3. The corrosion resistance of the stainless steel is unchanged.

After the surface treatment the case main part, the bezel and the steel bracelet are hardened. Thanks to the enormous increase of the hardness to ca. 1200HV the OutDoor Protect gets an excellent shield against scratches and other damages of the surface and is therefore even more suitable for all kind of excursions and outdoor-adventures.

Beside its design, the new Silicone strap convinces with functional properties such as durability, water resistance and good skin compatibility. Additionally it does not absorb odours or liquids and offers high wearing comfort.

The prices of the ARCHIMEDE OutDoor Protect are:
Black dial – steel bracelet: EUR 675
Full luminous dial – steel bracelet: EUR 710
Black dial – Silicone Strap: EUR 610
Full luminous dial – Silicone Strap: EUR 645

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