Bell & Ross B-Rocket Watch Collection (BR 01 B-Rocket & BR 03 B-Rocket), Special Edition Collection to Mark the Launch of B-Rocket Concept Bike

Inspired by aeronautical design, watchmaker Bell & Ross has once again commissioned Shaw Harley-Davidson to design a concept bike with a sleek and powerful look evoking the extreme modernity of the 1960s and the very first American jet aircraft.

Since its creation, Bell & Ross has constantly strived to perfect the look of tools dedicated to aviation and featuring amazing functional mechanics. In 2011, the watchmaker successfully switched from the air to the ground by designing an exclusive motorcycle in collaboration with the British team at Shaw Harley Davidson Speed & Custom – the Nascafe Racer. At the time, this prestigious looking motorcycle travelled the world winning a series of prizes in London, Dublin (Ireland) and Sturgis (United States), before being named the planet’s «most famous custom motorcycle».

In 2014, leading aeronautical watchmaker Bell & Ross went even further, presenting a totally exclusive motorcycle, again constructed with the engineers at Shaw Harley Davidson, who share the brand’s values of innovation, performance and precision. A unique motorcycle, inspired by the iconic world of the first jet planes secretly designed in the United States in the 1960s and evoking this heyday in aeronautics when anything seemed possible.

B-Rocket Concept Bike

The B-Rocket is a concept bike with a neo-retro look with lines encapsulating the essential principles of aeronautical design. An airplane-motorcycle with a unique style whose extremely aerodynamic lines evoke the experimental aviation of the 1960s, Nevada’s speed bikes and the records they set on the salt lake at Bonneville, the genius of Utah’s pioneering engineers in white coats, as well as the bravery of the test riders.

B-Rocket Concept Bike

The B-Rocket is all that and much more: an airplane-motorcycle which cuts through the air with its striking conical jet nose, its cabin, its fin and its propulsion turbines.

This exceptional motorcycle – a unique model epitomizing the union between performance and precision, design and power – could have been ridden by a classic superhero, a NASA test pilot or a young gun thirsty for glory. Above all, it represents a watchmaking firm that believes in the authenticity of its designs and functions and most importantly aims to perfect the modernity of the past.

B-Rocket Concept Bike

Bell & Ross and Shaw Harley Davidson worked side by side for over a year on the design of the B-Rocket: a dream airplane-motorcycle designed to break records.

For optimum aerodynamics, Shaw Harley Davidson’s engineers and Bell & Ross’s designers chose a low driving position, ensuring that the motorcycle and rider are as one. At each stage in its design, this amalgamation of man and machine was created in the image of a rocket. For the rider’s comfort, strips of padded leather are placed on the center of the fuel tank and turbines where the knees rest.

A conical nose resembling that of a jet plane is attached at the front to improve air intake. A matte black strip crosses the glossy paintwork for an anti-reflective effect and a glass windscreen enables the rider to see his route. Meanwhile, two adjustable fins on either side of the fork, designed to resemble small wings, can be used to increase or reduce contact with the ground.

B-Rocket Concept Bike

The generously curved rear section required many hours of craftsmanship. Inspired by an aircraft cabin, this hand-worked aerodynamic area was manufactured using more than 30 different sections of steel. Reflecting an advanced study of functionalist design, this is probably where the Bell & Ross concept bike most effectively incorporates the codes of 1960s experimental aeronautics – an impression reinforced by the stabilizing lines of its tail fin.

The almost invisible Plexiglas sections around the rear wheel reveal the pinion, chain and brake calliper. Finally, the wheel rims add an ultra-aerodynamic touch to the B-Rocket, while the solid, fixed aluminium wheel covers conceal the 10-inch brake disks. These are cooled via impressive brass grills which allow hot air to escape and reinforce the overall impression of «floating» and controlled speed.

B-Rocket Concept Bike

The stylistic and technical originality of the B-Rocket can also be seen in its two impressive side-mounted turbines, instantly evocative of two jet engines that help to rapidly discharge air to achieve higher speeds. Two new types of filters have been incorporated into these turbines: the first, on the right, for the intake of air; the second, on the left, to cool the oil.

These two «jet engines» are united by a hand-crafted stainless steel grille protecting the hydraulic tanks during activation of the clutch and the brakes. The symmetry of these two high-performance engines strengthens the symbolic appeal of this unique airplane-motorcycle, whose exceptional power-weight ratio is unrivalled.

B-Rocket Concept Bike

Finally, a tachometer designed by Bell & Ross has been incorporated into the front fairing to allow the rider to remain attuned to his machine’s heartbeat. Here again, aesthetics merge with functionality; the canopy and the tachometer combine extreme legibility with the rapid display of information regarding speed.

Bell & Ross – BR 01 B-Rocket & BR 03 B-Rocket

In the wake of the B-Rocket, Bell & Ross is launching two watches which perform complementary functions and are complementary in size. A direct offshoot of the B-Rocket, the BR 01 B-Rocket is the ultimate watch for drivers.

Bell & Ross - BR 01 B-Rocket & BR 03 B-Rocket

Just like the high-speed motorcycle it is designed to go with, this instrument is impressive; its case measures 46 mm in diameter. However, it is above all the quality of the chronograph that sets the BR 01 apart. The ultimate in terms of timing your speed, it has a large minutes counter, with a tachometric scale on the outer edge of the dial, which as a matter of priority measures short periods of time and so allows your performance to instantly be displayed.

Bell and Ross BR 01 B-ROCKET watch
Bell and Ross BR 01 B-ROCKET watch

The Bell and Ross BR 01 B-ROCKET watch also has three additional counters which provide further information: a 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour counter. From a functional point of view, the chronograph is automatically triggered by the highway push-piece. And in a flash, the small seconds counter, at three o’clock, replicates the graphic display used in experimental vehicle testing.

In the more elaborate BR 03 B-Rocket version of the watch, the 42 mm satin-brushed steel case is fitted with two complications. The hours, minutes and seconds display also features a large date window and a power-reserve indicator.

Bell and Ross BR 03 B-ROCKET watch
Bell and Ross BR 03 B-ROCKET watch

As regards the sub-dial, there are cut-outs in the dial revealing the discs operating the large date window, highlighting just how sophisticated the mechanism is. The circular power-reserve counter at 6 o’clock is reminiscent of the fuel gauge seen on racing motorcycles or cars.

With their sophisticated finishes, the BR 01 and BR 03 B-Rocket can communicate, making dimmed headlights within easy reach. In terms of colors and materials, nothing has been overlooked in the detail of the finish of these models: red, black, steel and padded leather are there to prove it.

Their satin-brushed steel cases, worthy of the most superb fuselage, are powered by a self-winding Swiss mechanical movement. The azure counters with their guilloché finish are the mark of a quality finish. Each model is finished using techniques in keeping with the finest watch-making traditions.

The matte black dial, the graphic display of which is reminiscent of a motorcycle tachometer or a road vehicle or airplane instrumentation panel, emphasizes the color contrast. To accentuate the emphasis on readability, the skeletonized hours and minutes hands are also coated with a photo-luminescent material.

To stress their association with the world of driving, a red triangle marks 12 o’clock echoing the triangle visible on the B-Rocket’s tachometer and turbines.

Finally, both watches are fitted with a padded leather strap, lined and edged in red, modeled on the seat of the B-Rocket. Naturally, to meet the requirements of Bell & Ross in terms of reliability, resistance and readability, both the BR 01 and BR 03 B-Rocket are water resistant to a depth of 100 meters and fitted with anti-glare treated sapphire crystal.

Technical details

Models: BR 01 & BR 03 B-ROCKET
Limited Editions of 500 Pieces

Bell and Ross BR 01 B-ROCKET

Movement: mechanical automatic.
Functions: hours, minutes and small seconds. Date. Tachymeter scale. Chronograph: Three-counter (60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours accumulators).
Case: diameter 46 mm. Satin-polished steel. The red push-button is made from steel with a polycarbonate-ABS protective cover.
Dial: matte black. Skeletonised metallic hours and minutes hands filled with superluminova.
Crystal: antireflective sapphire.
Water-resistance: 100 m.
Strap: padded black leather, edged in red and black heavy-duty canvas.
Buckle: pin buckle. Satin-polished steel

Bell and Ross BR 03  B-ROCKET

Movement: mechanical automatic.
Functions: hours, minutes and seconds. Big date at 12 o’clock. Power reserve indicator.
Case: diameter 42 mm. Satin-polished steel.
Dial: matte black. Skeletonised metallic hours and minutes hands filled with superluminova.
Crystal: anti-reflective sapphire.
Water-resistance: 100 m.
Strap: added black leather, edged in red and black heavy-duty canvas.
Buckle: pin buckle. Satin-polished steel

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