ASPEN JEWELRY AND WATCHES – ASPEN XII Concept, the Personal Calendar Watch

Aspen Jewelry and Watches made debut in the luxury watch making industry with Aspen One, the brand’s flagship collection and it was an instant hit. The brand takes its inspiration from the towering Aspen Mountain of Colorado, United States.  Now, Aspen Jewelry and Watches announces a new and unique timepiece concept: Personal Calendar Watch.

With 5 international patents registered, this Personal Calendar timepiece is developed to memorize the most important moments in the wearer’s life. The Moments of happiness, birthday, anniversary, moments of success of victory or an important agreement…each moment you choose to remember forever.

This unique mechanical timepiece can store up to 12 different dates with their corresponding names crafted on a personalized ring. A special series of mechanisms are engaged in order to obtain and display the dates and age of all 12 moments and their anniversaries. On the dial the names are shown through a little window near the top of the face in a section which is named the “Personal Calendar Countdown” and the dates are displayed in the lower part of the face.

ASPEN JEWELRY AND WATCHES - ASPEN XII Concept, the Personal Calendar Watch

Two retrograde hands are places just below the 12 o’clock mark. As the crown is manually operated the names and dates start to turn. Simultaneously the small hand in the countdown dial starts to point towards the month in which the birthday takes place. The second longer retrograde hand of the countdown represents a monthly calendar and it slowly starts to move from the first day onwards towards this birthday marker hand. When the two hands overlap the event is due.

ASPEN JEWELRY AND WATCHES - ASPEN XII Concept, the Personal Calendar Watch

Two additional subdials with one hand each in the lower portion of the face indicate the age of the person displayed below. The left hand points at the total age, the right hand indicates the single digit of the age.

When the ring of names is turned, the correct age in the current year (for instance 2013) is shown on each subdial. When all the names have passed by, one year is magically added by a set of gears which act like a mechanical calculator for addition and subtraction. Thus, when the names are observed again (for instance in 2014) each person will be one year older. This patented and uniquely original system works for ever forwards and also backwards in case the owner just likes to observe what age every person will reach in a given year. All these hands are driven by a masterfully crafted customized component.

ASPEN JEWELRY AND WATCHES - ASPEN XII Concept, the Personal Calendar Watch

This timepiece is equipped with the Vaucher Fleurier VMF-3002 automatic calibre manufactured by the prestigious Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier SA, the high end mechanical movement manufacture. Beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hours, this exceptional self winding movement offers a power reserve of 50 hours.

ASPEN JEWELRY AND WATCHES - ASPEN XII Concept, the Personal Calendar Watch

The ASPEN XII Personal Calendar Watch will be available in Steel, DLC black and gold versions. It is also offered in Zodiac (western as well as eastern) functions. In Zodiac function, the information is linked to the date of birth and will always remain the same.

If you are a Libra this year, you will also be a Libra next year… This information is based on the person/ date of birth and a special track in the movement, so it does not relate to time or year at all, just stays the same and will come alive once the name of the person is turned into the window.

Technical details

Individualized automatic mechanical movement based on Vaucher Fleurier VMF-3002 with additional module 51323
Vibrations: per hour 28‘800 (4 Hz)
Power reserve: approx 50 hours
40 jewels

Personalized calendar disc carrying up to XII individuals
Name and date of birth / event up to 15 characters per name
Individualized indicators for: age, birthday, zodiac (western/eastern) option and countdown to birthday / event
Separate retrograde dial for 31 day date with additional anniversary hand
Present year indicator in two subdials

Steel / DLC black / gold
Classical rounded / flat lunette
Numbered with owners name inscription
Case size: 44 mm
Front: double side anti-reflection glass
Back: sapphire glass
Water resistance: 3 ATM
5 international technical patents

Limited edition
365 pieces

Suggested Price
€75.000 – €97.000

Spring 2014

Rose gold / classical lunette / western zodiac
Black DLC / flat lunette / no zodiac
Steel / flat lunette / eastern zodiac
12 variations 3 versions

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