The GLADIATORE collection by OREFICI is a powerful line inspired by the gladiators who fought in ancient Rome in the Colosseum. Every detail in the GLADIATORE collection reflects force and strength. GLADIATORE fuses old with new. Today, the Colosseum in Rome is in ruins with only a portion of the high walls still standing.


The GLADIATORE face is an artistic representation of the ruins of the Colosseum with a decorative piece commemorating that portion of the high wall, which still stands tall to this day. This artistic band starts and ends with two specially designed braces at 2pm to 7pm.


The honeycomb face may be likened to a suit of armor protecting the many intricate components housed inside. With prominent indexes, 3 sub dials, specially designed screws with a + motif, and pushers integrated within the case, the GLADIATORE collection is the epitome of strength and endurance.OREFICI GLADIATORE CHRONOGRAPH

The The GLADIATORE Chronograph is also available in diamond versions.

Technical details

Model: Gladiatore Chronograph

  • Case: S/S 316 L Plus 48 mm.
  • Movement: Chronograph Date
  • Band: Silicon Gel
  • Glass: K1 Sapphire Coating Anti-Reflex
  • Water Res: 10 ATM / 330 Feet