OREFICI is an Italian watch company that follows the design and fashion trends of Milan and many other major cities. OREFICI has a strong presence in American markets and also available from the retailers like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Every OREFICI timepiece is intricately made with great attention to detail. Some watches, like the Regata Yachting, have up to 30 different components, but all are assembled utilizing superior technology. Currently, OREFICI, also have some Swiss-Made models.


Umberto Cipolla and his team create many designs to suit every person and style. The design team is influenced by high-end fashion, high-end luxury, and many different lifestyles from all over the world.

With quality standards that date back to the 1930s, each watch goes through a series of tests of durability and functionality with each component carefully inspected. OREFICI consists of an entire line of watches with designs that range from sporty-looking with yachting influences to elegant, luxury models with sophisticated and stunning details.


OREFICI watches are designed in Italy by Umberto Cipolla and his team including internationally renowned trendsetter Giulio Cappellini. OREFICI’s main offices are located in South Florida, a major hub linking the United States, Europe and South America. In Switzerland it has production facilities at Lausen, Les Brenets and Stabi.

OREFICI was an idea born in Milan, Italy in 1933 out of the creative mind of Umberto Cipolla’s grandfather Luigi Farioli when he became an orefice, which means goldsmith in Italian. Umberto Cipolla (CEO and creative head of OREFICI) has always been highly inspired by the craftsmanship and intricate pieces of jewellery his grandfather made, as well the art and complexity.

With an incredible passion for watches, and the desirable Italian influence in the American market, Umberto created Orefici Watches so he would be able to share and provide the same Italian background and experience with the USA costumer.

The demand for Italian fashion has always been very high in the United States and it wasn’t different for Orefici; not only North Americans fell in-love with the product but it also expanded to South and Central America which is now in days some of the strongest markets in the world.


The Italian experience with Orefici is very unique because of the strong design and the combination of the overall look and feel of the product.

From Gladiators in the ancient Rome, inspiration used for one of Orefici’s best collections considered the epitome of strength and endurance, to IndyCars and its components that were used as inspiration to create a limited edition collection, Orefici is always striving to use factors worthy of representation while bringing into the market a beautiful and innovating styling with a distinctive look and feel to stand out in the crowd.

These exclusive watches are designed for the strong-fashion conscious gentleman who desires a timepiece that represents boldness and power while keeping up with a fast paced lifestyle. This is the reason why Orefici’s main focus has always been to meet the perfect balance between sporty and sophisticated while keeping an accessible, affordable price-point with high quality standards in production.

The brand owes a large part of its watchmaking distinction to Umberto’s experience in the watch business and the way nature often inspires him to create designs that combine artistic diligence, specifically the enchantment of the ocean, its blue waters and all the different lifestyles worldwide without being limited by the dictates of fashion.


Orefici does an intense research to find the perfect colors that reveal exceptional properties of design, contrast and elegance and to produce the unique fit that distinct the watches for instantly adjustment to the wrist with a unique impression of lightness and comfort.

The beauty of the rose gold and its treatment, and the unique blue used on many of the designs that changes colour with the movement of the wrist has set Orefici apart and has made watch experts and non-experts fall in-love with this brand, the details are very distinctive and just extremely hard to miss.


Umberto’s drive and vision complemented with an extraordinary design team, has helped to firmly establish Orefici as an amazing international watch brand sold at high end retailers in the United States, South America, The Caribbean, Europe and Asia, and continue to represent by great well known athletes and celebrities. Orefici is certain to be a brand that just keep expanding and growing on the worldwide market of luxury watches.

Official website: http://www.oreficiwatches.it

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  1. Hello…… I own a Orefici(Subaqueo Trenta) and need to order a band or parts for the band. Please advise how I can contact you. Thank you Justin (305)773 9203 USA

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