Cecil Purnell Double Tourbillon

Since 2006, Cecil Purnell has created unique Tourbillon timepieces from the development of its own calibers. In complete respect for the know-how and tradition of Haute Horlogerie, CP combines meticulous technique, creativity and service. Cecil Purnell’s collection crafted for both ladies and gentlemen, customizable on request in limited editions, transcends the most detail-oriented craftsmanship.

The brand launches its latest caliber in 2014, the Double-Tourbillon. The CPV15, CP’s fifth caliber, represents another significant realization of the brand’s technical capabilities.

Adding to the repertoire of in-house calibers, the Double-Tourbillon (CP-V15) represents a new platform for the brand to propose its complications. The mechanism ensures greater precision. The caliber is complemented by a sapphire-chromium dial with elevated Roman numeral markers and is accordingly designed in a contemporary yet classic case.

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