The resemblance of a beautiful starfish signifies that the OREFICI SUBACQUEO TRENTA watch was inspired from sea-life that is much closer to the ocean’s floor.

The Trenta watch was designed for underwater diving, exploration, and boating; with capabilities of around 100 meters or 330 feet in depth. The Trenta watch has precision seals that will withstand a great number of dives and still hold true time. It also meets the ISO 6425 Standard.


The Trenta bezel has markings to give the diver an accurate measurement of bottom time. It has been engraved to be legible in all water/land applicable scenarios. The rotating bezel is suitable for shallow single gas (air) diving only.

It can also be used in other situations in which a measurement of elapsed time is needed. The Trenta bezel is unidirectional; it contains a ratchet so it can only be turned counter-clockwise to increase the apparent elapsed time. It is an important “fail-safe” feature when going diving.


The Trenta bezel has ten slanted face/sides that helps repel water and also has engraved numbers that can be clearly read. In place of the “30” you can find a signature “TRENTA”, which is Italian for thirty at the 6 O’ clock position.

At the twelve hour; the bezel has a distinct cut that indicates a true zero and start point for diving time. The top side is engraved with “Immersion Point” followed by a directional arrow as an indicator for counter-clockwise movement.

The face on the OREFICI SUBACQUEO TRENTA watch has slanted outer walls that have the 1-60 indexes; the 12 & 6 and indexes are all embossed off the perforated face resembling the material scuba tanks are coated with. The face is simple indeed but yet accurate and sufficient to keep track of time. The face has depth that makes the time and date clear to see in or out of the water.

Technical details

Model: Subacqueo Trenta Chronograph

  • Case: S/S 316 L Plus 48 mm.
  • Movement: SWISS Chronograph Date
  • Band: OREFICI Embossed/Silicon Gel
  • Glass:K1 Sapphire Coating Anti-Reflex
  • Water Res:10 ATM / 330 Feet