L’Epée 1839 Ovale Tourbillon

Switzerland based clock manufactory L’Epée has decided to strengthen one of the firm’s key area of expertise that has made the company famous over the years by designing and developing one of the complications most sought after by connoisseurs: a “Carrousel” type Tourbillon.

In this type of complication, the balance and spring and the escapement are housed within a carriage of which the rotation axis coincides with the centre of the escapement and performs one complete turn per minute. This finely tuned carriage contains a poising weight and its rotation is driven by the barrel via a classic gear train.

Technical details
Reference: 64.6142/001
Movement: Mechanical Caliber 1881T, 8-day, Swiss Made.
Escapement: “Carrousel” type Tourbillon with « 2 Swords » upper bridge, Revolution in 60 seconds
Functions: Tourbillon, Strike, Repeat, Moon phase, Day, Date, and Alarm Strike: Strike every Hour and Half Hour; Repeat on demand
Jewels: 15
Decoration: Gold-plated
Cabinet: Massive Brass gold plated with mineral glass
Winding: Manual, with a design key
Family: Ovale
Dimensions: 128 x 145 x 108 mm / 5” x 5 ¾” x 4 ¼”
Edition: Limited Edition of 88 pieces

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