F.P.JOURNE Commemorative Watches France – China 50 (The Men’s Commemorative Watch Octa Automatique Lune & The Ladies’ Commemorative Watch « Elégante » with Jade Dial)

Renowned watch manufacture F.P.Journe unveils two new special edition watches on the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the French Republic and the People’s Republic of China.

Fifty years ago, on January 27, 1964, guided by a visionary spirit and extraordinary political courage, General de Gaulle and President Mao Tse Tung opened the way for exchanges between China and France. France thus became the first major Western country to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing. This gesture, coming during the Cold War, was a strong and courageous move on the part of a future world power that was becoming a force to be reckoned with internationally.

With over 30 years of savoir-faire and creativity, F.P.Journe is the Official Watchmaker of France-China 50 to represent excellence in the field of haute horology. Patron of the event, F.P.Journe has designed the commemorative watches that will be presented during the different events of France-China 50. Leader among the most prestigious horological firms, F.P.Journe has opened an exclusive network of 10 Boutiques over the world, including one rue du Faubourg St Honoré in Paris, next to the Elysée Palace, and 2 Boutiques in China since 2006, in Hong Kong’s Landmark Prince’s Building and one in Beijing’s China World Mall.

The Men’s Commemorative Watch Octa Automatique Lune
The Platinum case features a novel blue dial dedicated for this event with gold arabic numerals, hours minutes, small seconds, phases of the moon, an exceptional power reserve of over 120 hours, a large date and the F.P.Journe and France-China 50 logos. The mechanical movement with automatic winding in 18K rose Gold beating to a frequency of 21,600v/h is visible through the transparent sapphire back. The unidirectional off centre F.P.Journe rotor in 22K rose Gold includes a self-locking ball bearing system. Each infinitesimal movement is thus exploited for an optimized winding of the watch.

Technical details
Exclusive F.P.Journe calibre 1300.3
Unidirectional automatic winding
Movement in 18K rose Gold
Dimensions of the movement
Total diameter: 30.80 mm
Casing-up diameter: 30.40 mm
Overall height: 5.70 mm
Height of winding system: 3.00 mm
Diameter of stem thread: S0.90 mm

Four adjustable inertia weights
Anachron flat balance spring
Mobile stud holder / Free-sprung
Nivatronic laser soldered balance spring
Pinned GE stud
Frequency: 21,600v/h (3Hz)
Inertia: 10.10 mg*cm
Angle of lift: 52°
Amplitude:0h dial up: >300° –
120h dial up: >280°

Main characteristics
Three position crown
– Winding of the watch in position 0, clockwise
– Correction of date in position 1, anti clockwise
– Correction of the moon in position 1, clockwise
– Correction of time in position 2
Instantaneous jump calendar
Off-centre winding rotor
Barrel with slipping spring
Escapement: 15-tooth
Autonomy: 120 hours +- 2 h.
Winding speed on watch winder: 274 rotations / 24 Hours

Circular Cotes de Genève on bridges
Partly circular graining on base plate
Polished screw heads with chamfered slots
Chamfered and circular grained wheels
Steel components hand polished and chamfered

Central hours and minutes
Small second at 4h30
Large date
Power reserve indicator at 9h00
Moon phases at 7h00

Case and dial
Platinum PT 950
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Total Height: 10.60 mm
Special Commemorative Gold Dial
Blue with numerals in white Gold with logos F.P.Journe / France-Chine 50

Number of parts
Jewels: 39
Movement without dial: 292
Cased up on leather strap: 329

The ladies’ Commemorative Watch « Elégante » with Jade dial
Unique model, the Platinum case is set with a row of diamonds and unveils a dedicated translucent Jade dial especially made in homage to China and allowing to see the mechanical parts of the movement.

F.P.Journe has conceived a revolutionary horological concept exclusively for Ladies, combining feminity, elegance and precision. It offers the comfort of use and the performances of an electro-mechanical watch assuring an autonomy of 10 years when worn, and up to 18 years in standby mode.

The mechanical motion detector allows the time to be stopped and started again. When not worn, the watch stops after about 30 minutes. When the « Elégante » is again worn, it automatically sets itself to the correct time taking the shortest path for the purpose of energy conservation.

Technical details
Calibre 1210
Patented tow-rotor motor
Dedicated processor, specific functions and low consumption
Quartz frequency: 32000 Hz.

Movement dimensions
Overall dimensions: 28.5 x 28.3 mm
Casing up: 27.9 x 27.7 mm
Total height: 3.13 mm
Height of winding stem: 1.10 mm
Diameter of stem thread: S0.90 mm

Stand by after 30-40 minutes motionless
Restart and automatic time setting when the watch is put back on
Motion detection oscillating weight visible on the dial
2 positions hand setting stem

Main characteristics
Time adjustment in position 2 of the hand-setting stem
Stop second in time setting position / (crown pulled)

Daily use: 8 to 10 years
Standby: 18 years

Central hours and minutes
Small second at 6h00

Golden movement 4N
Engraved and decorated Battery Bridge
Cotes de Genève
Screw heads polished and bevelled
Pegs with polished rounded ends

Platinum PT 950
Flat Tortue, 34.00 x 35.00 mm
Thickness: 7.35 mm
Set with 54 VVS diamonds for 0.62 carat
Hands blued steel

Inner dial green Jade
Outer dial with screwed indices

Navy blue rubber

Number of parts
Jewels: 18
Movement without dial: 129
Including case and strap: 162

This 50th anniversary year will be marked by hundreds of events in France and in China, including major exhibitions, such as those highlighting treasures of the partner country: masterpieces fromthe French National Museums, with retrospective exhibitions devoted to Monet and Rodin in China, and an exhibition devoted to the Han dynasty and one on Chinese lacquer in France. China will be invited to French film festivals in Cabourg and Cannes, and France will be guest of honour at Chinese film festivals in Shanghai and Chengdu.

These events will highlight the wealth of cultural exchanges between the two countries. Amplified by visits of important Chinese and French political figures, they will reinforce the partnership between the two countries and will enrich their mutual knowledge in many areas: science, technology, education, culture and the arts.

This anniversary is the celebration of a rich cultural legacy, but also the reflection of two countries looking together into the future, while remaining faithful to their history and culture, just as F.P.Journe’s constant innovative and contemporary watch creations are inspired by the work of the great 18th century Masters. This collaboration between China and France will renew their collaboration, enrich their socio-cultural exchanges and share of each other’s cultural riches.Within these France-China commemoration events, F.P.Journe will be the patron of Asia Now, the first Asian Contemporary Art salon that will take place at the C arrousel du Louvre in Paris, from 7 to 13 October 2014.

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