BREGUET Les Volants De La Reine

Inspired by the costumes worn by the Breguet Company’s first female client, Queen Marie-Antoinette of France, this new jewellery collection presents an astonishing complexity of form, recalling the elegant silks and ruffed lace of the period.

Breguet’s watchmakers have often sought their inspiration from this feminine world to elaborate the company’s jewellery timepieces. The dressmakers of old made vivid and sophisticated costumes where bows, ribbons, lace and frills competed to proclaim the womanhood and status of the wearer. This flourishing creativity has inspired some of Breguet’s finest jewellery watches.

This year the company once again got down to interpreting the seductive power of these dress accessories in mechanisms and gemstones with the Volants de la Reine model. Thus metal playfully evokes the fleeting beauty of fabric in motion, while the rustling chaos of frills can be imagined in the gem-set bow with scrolls that cling to the bezel and lose themselves haphazardly in the dial of natural mother-of-pearl.

Thanks to Breguet’s expertise in jewellery, a myriad of diamonds bathes the watch in an exquisite fire. The bezel and the flange are set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Baguette diamonds make up an interwoven ribbon surmounted by two cushion-cut sapphires while the scrolls and the bow are decorated with a fine frosting of diamonds. To meet a lady’s expectations of proper watchmaking, this timepiece is fitted with a mechanical movement made according to Breguet’s watchmaking expertise.

The Volants de la Reine watch is complemented by a jewellery set consisting of a ring, a necklace and earrings. Each item of jewellery features one or more blue sapphires as its central theme. The ring displays a cushion-cut sapphire in its centre, surrounded by a wrap of brilliant-cut diamonds. The necklace is set with six cushion-cut and pear-cut sapphires poised on a ribbon of brilliant-cut and baguette diamonds. As for the earrings, they are each set with a pear-cut sapphire and brilliant-cut and baguette diamonds

Technical details
Model: Les Volants De La Reine
Ref. GJ28BB8924DDS8

18-carat white gold
Bezel and caseband set with 146brilliant-cut diamonds (approx.  2,848cts)
Flange set with66brilliant-cut diamonds (approx.  0,132 ct)
Frills set with a frosting of 193brilliant-cut diamonds (approx.  1,07 ct), 11 baguette diamonds(approx.  0,35ct) and two cushion-cut sapphires (approx.  0,59ct)
Crown set with a briolette diamond (approx.  0,28ct)
Attachment paved with a frosting of61brilliant-cut diamonds  (approx.  0,478 ct)
Sapphire caseback
Diameter 33 x 24,95 mm

Mother-of-pearl decorated with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0,02 ct)
Breguet medallion in set at 12 o’clock
Breguet open-tipped hands

Self-winding movement
Numbered and signed BREGUET. Cal. 586
6 ¾ lignes, 29 jewels
Power reserve of 38 hours
In-line Swiss lever escapement
Silicon balance spring
Frequency: 3,0 Hz

Satin strap with folding clasp set with26brilliant-cut diamonds

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