Jaermann & Stübi Ben Crenshaw Watch BC 1 Limited Edition

Jaermann & Stübi in partnership with the Outpost Club and golfing legend Ben Crenshaw created an ultra limited edition luxury golf watch from Ben Crenshaw’s 1988 World Cup of Golf Championship golf clubs. This exclusive course timer is based on the well-known Royal Open watch collection.

The case of this unique model is forged from the golf clubs with which Ben Crenshaw won the 1988 World Cup of Golf played at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia. Each watch case of this ultra limited 55-piece series can be traced to one of the irons with which Crenshaw played, making this particular watch even more unique and rare.

Ben Crenshaw, teamed up with the founders from the Outpost Club, a national golf society based in the US, and the Jaermann & Stübi design team to come up with a special watch design in order to create a personal and distinctive timepiece.

This new model has a timer function, which always shows how long a round of golf has been in progress. The same additional function can also be used as a second time zone. A rotating crown enables the outer hour ring to be turned and set to the tee time or second time zone. It is simple to operate and can be read at a glance.

This sophisticated, classic watch with a shock absorber and a Caliber A10 automatic movement combines sportiness, traditional elegance and timeless design, giving this unique series a distinctive look. The case is made of the steel from Crenshaw’s melted golf club from the 1988 World Cup of Golf where he won both individual and team honors and is waterproof up to 100 meters.

Melting the Golf Clubs
First, the club heads have to be analyzed to obtain an alloy that meets the requirements for a watch case and facilitates cavity-free casting. After extensive testing, the clubs are divided into portions and melted, so that a cast piece is obtained from each club, so that the clubs can later be matched with the watch cases. Subsequently, the cast pieces are forged into watch cases at a temperature of roughly 1200°C.

Shock Absorber
Given that a golf swing can generate a force between 20 – 40 G within a millisecond, this timekeeper is equipped with a shock absorber especially designed for this sport and which serves to reduce the forces in play and thus protects the movement and the complication. This Shock Absorber makes it possible for the movement to move unhindered in the case, providing even better protection against strokes and impacts. The movement and the G-Shock Guard can be seen through a large glass back.

The Outpost Club
Outpost Club is a national golf society of which Crenshaw is an honorary member. Crenshaw and Outpost Club have agreed to work together on this very special watch project in an effort to raise funds in support of The First Tee Program of Austin, Texas, which teaches young players important lessons about life and the game of golf.

Ben Crenshaw
Mr. Ben Crenshaw is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame who has 19 career PGA Tour victories including two Masters titles in 1984 and 1995. In addition Crenshaw won both individual and team honours at the 1988 World Cup of Golf at Royal Melbourne. Crenshaw was also a four-time Ryder Cup team member and was Captain of the victorious 1999 team.

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