CASIO G-SHOCK GPW-1000 – The World’s First Watch That Receives Both GPS and Radio Wave signals

Casio Introduces New G-SHOCK GPW-1000, the world’s first watch with a hybrid system for receiving GPS (Global Positioning System) information and Radio Wave signals. This concept model embodies Casio’s theme for Baselworld 2014, “Synchronized Timepiece.”

G-SHOCK GPW-1000, the world’s first watch that receives both GPS and Radio Wave signals, is equipped with a low-power consumption, high-performance GPS LSI manufactured by Sony Corporation, which both companies collaborated on to customize for wristwatches. This enables the watch to achieve world-leading low power consumption.

By combining Multi-Band 6 technology for receiving Radio Wave signals transmitted from six stations around the world with the GPS receiving function in a hybrid system, this new G-SHOCK can maintain accurate time more easily than ever before. The watch automatically receives standard time-calibration radio waves where available. When they are not available, the watch automatically receives GPS signals and adjusts the time, enabling the wearer to view the correct time at the current location.

This concept model features Casio’s unique Multi-Mission Drive, which enables each watch hand to perform multiple functions. It is also equipped with a new shape of solar cell and motors that are 26% smaller than before. These advancements have allowed Casio to create high-performance devices in the beautiful form of classic analog watches, while maintaining outstanding readability and ease of use.

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