Based in London, England, Pangbourne is an independent watch brand specialised in the production of Aviation Time Instruments and related aeronautical luxury goods.

Founded by pilot and designer, Daniel Pangbourne, Pangbourne produce exquisite, functional, mechanical, aeronautical time instruments.

Daniel Pangbourne is an Air Race Pilot who is currently the ‘European Air Race Champion’; he has also won the Schneider Trophy and holds four Aviation World Records. After many years of flying and air racing, Daniel decided to design the ultimate pilots watch.

Daniel Pangbourne

Currently the brand offers two watch models. With function leading form, the two current watch models, the DP-01 and the DP-02 both have stop watch timing facilities and a circular flight computer on the bezel for aeronautical calculations.

The DP-01 has a separate UTC 24hr. function hand and the DP-02 has a tachymeter scale with the addition of the Day indicator. Each watch is 50mm diameter and has been specifically designed for readability in the cockpit environment. Pangbourne use self-winding chronograph mechanical movements.

Pangbourne use the same metals and construction techniques as the Second World War watches, which were used as precision instruments by the fighter and bomber pilots of the RAF during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

All Pangbourne watches are designed and created at London studio, are constructed and hand assembled to order. This creates a very exclusive and limited number production profile. Pangbourne also offer ‘made to order service’ for the products.

Each aeronautical time instrument is made from antimagnetic brass, which is then coated in PNP Nickel or PVD Black. Anti magnetic brass does not retain any magnetism, (stainless steel instruments that become magnetised retain that state). Magnetism in the cockpit environment is not acceptable due to its adverse effect on the compass and magnetically sensitive instruments and computer equipment.

Technical details

  • Large 50mm diameter
  • Watch weight = 225g
  • Watch body is made from antimagnetic solid brass
  • Solid brass case back with six holding screws
  • Screw down crown. Operational size for cockpit use
  • Screw down pushers, colour coded red and black. Operational size for cockpit use
  • Internal movement protection holder and second stage antimagnetic, solid brass, movement shroud
  • 10 ATM water resistant (with crown and pushers locked closed)
  • Luminova coated numerals and hands creating illumination for night time operation
  • Bidirectional rotating bezel, smooth rotation (no clicking) with circular flight computer etched into the brass and paint in filled
  • Adjustable leather wrist strap

Each Pangbourne wristwatch is supplied with a matching leather wrist strap extension for use when wearing a flying suite or jacket. The watch can be worn on the outside of the flying suite or jacket to facilitate instant readability, ease of use and access during flight procedures.

For more details on Pangbourne Aviation Time Instruments and aviation inspired accessories please visit their website –

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