Andreas Strehler Sauterelle à Lune Perpétuelle

Andreas Strehler, the award winning master watch maker based in Sirnach, Switzerland has announced his presence at the prestigious Baselworld watch fair with his new masterpiece timepiece.

Developed and manufactured by Andreas Strehler, the Sauterelle à Lune perpétuelle is an exceptional mechanical timepiece that boasts a perpetual display of the phase of the moon.

Realised with only four components, the Lune perpétuelle’s phase of the moon mechanism requires occasional adjustment once in every 14’189.5383 years.

Moreover is the most precise phase of the moon ever built with a precision up to 11’000 to 14’000 years. These achievements are verified by Robert Baggenstos, renowned specialist for astronomical gears and professor for mathematics and Astronomy.

The Lune perpétuelle is based on the Sauterelle model presented in 2013 and features Andreas Strehler’s unique Remontoir d’égalité, delivering a constant supply of energy to the escapement.

According to Andreas Strehler’s concept of options, the client can also order the phase of the moon function based on the Cocon, another masterpiece from watch maker. This option will also be available for future models.

Implemented using only four components, Andreas Strehler’s phase of the moon mechanism achieves its precision partly because it is continuously moving, driven by the gear train. Conventional phase of the moon mechanisms are only moved forward once a day.

Further, the clever combination of inner and outer toothing as well as the use of prime numbers for the number of teeth makes it possible to mechanically achieve complex fractions with an integral number of teeth. This leads to the high precision of the phase of the moon mechanism.

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