LIMES Pharo Cartouche H (Handwound)

German watch brand LIMES unveils a new hand wound version of its popular Cartouche model. The Cartouche collection represents exclusive, classic watches for people who appreciate fine art and craftsmanship as well as precision. Since the end of the 1990s the Cartouche was an important time piece of LIMES and had found many followers over the years.

In October 2013 LIMES launched a completely new version of this elegant watch: The Pharo Cartouche A with the automatic movement SW 200. This year, the brand comes with another version of the Cartouche, the Pharo Cartouche H (handwound), which houses the Swiss hand wound movement ETA 6468 that can be seen through the display back.

The 7,5mm crown offers easy winding of the movement. The Cartouche comes with the standard execution of the Eta 6498 but can also be ordered with the Top-version of the Eta 6498. The 41,5mm steel case is manufactured by ICKLER Germany and impresses with its elegant cannelage.

The fine blue Breguet hands contrast well above the classic silver dial with its elegant guilloche pattern. The LIMES Pharo Cartouche H is available with a black or a brown leather strap. The prices for the standard version are EUR 720 (including VAT), EUR 605,04 (excluding VAT).

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