DAVOSA Classic Skeleton Automatic

Swiss watch maker DAVOSA celebrates the fine art of omission by unveiling the new Classic Skeleton timepiece which features exceptional skeletal movements.  DAVOSA has taken a watch from its popular Classic range, reduced it to a bare minimum and embellished the details that remain. The result is the new DAVOSA Classic Skeleton Automatic.

It is seldom possible to see how much work and attention to detail has gone into the making of a watch’s movement. In the case of the DAVOSA Classic Skeleton, however, it is possible to gain a fairly detailed insight thanks to the many embellishments and cutaways that the Swiss (Sellita 200) quality movement has received.

The movement weighs up to 40 percent less once it has been skeletonised. During the process of ‘undressing’ and decorating, watchmakers must proceed very calmly and carefully, as even the smallest error can ruin a movement entirely.

Special features of the soignée special movement edition also include pearlised bridges, a Geneva finish and blued screws. Two further, not immediately discernable embellishments of the Classic Skeleton are the movement’s coating with the precious metal rhodium as well as an above-average elaboré execution (rate accuracy) of the beating heart of the Classic Skeleton.

The properties of precious metal rhodium bear similarities to those of platinum and palladium. It is often employed for plating watch parts, not only as an additional form of embellishment, but also to guarantee exceptional resilience and a low degree of wear and tear to the sensitive parts of the movement.

When it comes to the final process of refinement – the fine regulation of the movement – a specially trained régleur ensures that every skeleton movement receives the highest possible rate accuracy. And in this respect the DAVOSA Skeleton also displays above-average qualities: The réglage of every Skeleton occurs in five positions instead of the more usual three, serving above all to ensure rate accuracy in everyday use. A high measure of sensitivity and patience is necessary in carrying out such delicate adjustments and corrections, as well as many years of watchmaking experience.

The DAVOSA Classic Skeleton Automatic is now available at specialist watch retailers, starting from 1,498 Euros.

Technical details
Model: DAVOSA Classic Skeleton Automatic
Classic Skeleton Automatic – ref. 161.010.15
Swiss quality movement (Sellita SW 200) in elaboré and soignée design –  skeletonised, rhodium-plated, with pearlised bridges, Geneva finish and blued screws
Sapphire crystal
Stainless steel case
Diameter: 40.0 mm
Height: 9.8 mm
Black leather crocodile grain strap or anthracite velour leather strap (both handcrafted)
Price: 1,498 Euros

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