ZZ Watches – Tornade and Cyclone

ZZ is a new luxury Swiss watch brand based in Geneva. This trend setting watch brand creates exceptional mechanical timepieces from a resolutely modern angle without forgetting the generations old tradition of watch making. These timepieces interpret the passing of time in a novel way by adopting an innovative approach to watch design.

Its debut collections: Tornade and Cyclone, reflects a fresh wind of change in the art of watch making. With the impetus of time as its philosophy, ZZ Watches is a pioneer in technical performance, a contemporary trendsetter at the apex of quality, which boasts a unique novel design.

ZZ Tornade automatic pink gold watch
ZZ Tornade with Pink Gold Case

This Geneva based watchmaking firm was founded by two passionate guys – One is an avid devotee  of horology and inveterate innovator who is always in pursuit of technological advances; and the other is an aesthete, a trend-setter, an architect of contemporary elegance.

Out of their special interests and their collaboration was born ZZ Watches, a brand of de luxe Swiss watches launched in 2013. Each timepiece bears the finely engraved distinctive initials of the “ZZ” brand, an interlaced representation of the initials of the two founders.ZZ Tornade automatic pink gold watch hands onA superb exercise in style, the watch reveals power and elegance, liberated from the sweep of hands. Here, the time is interpreted like this: hours jump while minutes glide serenely by. Born of a total mastery of the complexities of watch-making, the dial is made up of two windows, one at 12 o’clock to frame the jumping hours, the other at 6 o’clock to mark out the flowing minutes.

The two windows are joined to form a slightly off-centre figure of eight, one window appearing to reflect the other in eternal motion. The figure 8, an allusion to the vortex of tornados and the whirlwind of cyclones, is formed on three levels: the first 8 is delimited by the chiselled alveoli bordering the dial; the second 8 is formed by a narrow border that joins the two windows displaying the hours and minutes; the third 8 is defined by the discs themselves.ZZ Tornade automatic black dlc watchSpanned by two bridges, the dial is punctuated by a highlight with twelve facets recalling the traditional divisions of a clock. The ingenious mechanism can be glimpsed by rear projection through the midnight blue tinted glass, as mysterious and elusive as the passing of time.

The  refined,  pure,  precursory  aestheticism  of  the  Tornade  and  Cyclone  models  make  them fascinatingly modern. Anyone attracted to independence, self-assertion and distinction is unlikely to be immune to the power, the character and the equilibrium emanating from these watches.ZZ Tornade automatic stainless steel watchZZ watches meet the most demanding criteria of the Swiss horological tradition. Their precision, their strength and the refined craftsmanship of their finishes are vouched for by the “Swiss made” label. The tasks of polishing and bevelling, entrusted to specialists at the very top of their craft, culminate the aesthetic qualities of each piece.

ZZ Cyclone automatic diamond watch

Fitted snugly into watch cases made in Geneva, the movements are assembled in the heart of the Jura Mountains, a region for long the home of watch-making. Meticulous attention is given to every detail, so that ZZ watches fit the wrist in unequalled ergonomic comfort.ZZ Tornade automatic pink gold watch crown view
ZZ watches come in two collections, Tornade and Cyclone, each offered in three variations of materials: steel, DLC (diamond-like carbon) and rose gold.

The exclusive models in the Tornado and Cyclone collections come in limited numbered editions of 888 pieces. The brand offers a two-year guarantee on all ZZ watches.ZZ Tornade automatic pink gold watch case back and straps

Technical details

Model: ZZ Tornade

Jumping hour complication with continuous minute display disc
Self-winding mechanical movement
In-house calibre ZZ001
Power reserve: 38 hours
Oscillation: 28’800 alt/h
Oscillating mass engraved with ZZ logo

Ref. THSA: Steel
Ref. THSR: Pink Gold
Diameter: 43 mm
Finish: Polished/satined
Fluted crown with logo
Crown protection device
Glass: Non-reflective sapphire crystal
Back: 6 three-hole screws, with tempography logo
Water resistance: 100 metres

Jumping hour window at 12 o’clock
Continuous minute display window at 6 o’clock
Decorative grill with honeycomb motif
Midnight blue tinted glass allowing the 2 discs to be viewed: one for hours and one for minutes.
2 polished/satin finish bridges fixed with 2 hexagonal socket head screws

Hand-stitched in black alligator, stitching in matching tones
Deployant clasp engraved with ZZ logo

Limited numbered edition of 888 pieces

Guarantee: 2 years
Packaging: Delivered in a grey oak wood case

Model: ZZ Cyclone

Ref. CHSA: Steel
Ref. CHSR: Pink Gold
Diameter: 39 mm
Water Resistance: 100 meters

Decorative grill with honeycomb motif, midnight blue tinted glass, 2 polished/satin finish bridges fixed with 2 hexagonal socket head screws

In-house calibre ZZ001, self-winding mechanical movement with jumping hour complication, continuous minute display disc and oscillating mass engraved with ZZ logo, power reserve: 38 hours, oscillation: 28’800 alt/h

Hand-stitched in black alligator, deployant clasp engraved with ZZ logo

Limited numbered edition of 888 pieces

Guarantee: 2 years
Packaging: Delivered in a grey oak wood case


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