In a highly competitive luxury watch market which is already crowded with high profile watch makers, a new Swiss watch brand – RÉSILIENCE -WATCH – is gradually making waves in the industry. Promoted by David Rodriguez (watch maker), Stéphanie Gétaz (Designer) and Lucas Stoller(Web master), this new watch making venture has already started working on their new mechanical timepieces.

The new born RÉSILIENCE -WATCH may not be fitted into category of such brands backed by corporate houses and angel investors. Perhaps it is a story of a struggling watch maker and his associates who teamed up for a new watch project in a Foyer du Rocher (a hostel for adults in distress). Its founders, David Rodriguez, Stéphanie Gétaz and Lucas Stoller are from three different aspects of life who met in a common place to weave their dreams after years of struggle and agonies of life.


David Rodriguez was born in Peru (South America) in 1976 and he was adopted in Switzerland in 1980. After secondary school and a year of pre apprenticeship at the CPLN (Neuchâtel) where he discovered the profession of watch manufacturing, David Rodriguez started to work in an assembling factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Three years later he attended training in watch manufacturing at the Battenberg foundation in Bienne. Several years of assembly line work in various companies followed, including Sellita, ETA, Longines, BNB Concept, Confrérie Horlogère and Officine Panerai.

During his association with Confrérie Horlogère, a luxury watch venture promoted by BNB concept, David Rodriguez created the luxurious “Résilience” Tourbillon timepiece. However after the BNB Concept Company went bankrupt in 2008, his personal life and watchmaking career went in to trouble. Financial troubles, distressed married life and unemployment troubled him and finally he became homeless. He opted to live in Foyer du Rocher (a hostel for adults in distress). Here he met several other people like him, in a precarious situation that had horizons and lived through many different experiences.

Days went by and he tied bonds with other residents, who most of them had incredible competences. He met his new partners: Stéphanie Gétaz & Lucas Stoller here and the RÉSILIENCE -WATCH was born.

Born in 1987 in the canton of Valais (Switzerland), bilingual in French and English, Stéphanie Gétaz grew up later on in the canton of Neuchatel. Curious and multipurpose, and also interested in various cultural domains, she joined at an artistic High school for a year before taking up an accelerated education in graphic designing in Lausanne. However the due to poor economic conditions and unemployment, she opted to end her studies and entered it to free lancer jobs.

However the success still not came to her way and Stéphanie Gétaz went into live in Foyer du Rocher in 2012. She met David here and their friendship paved the way for a new watch brand – Resilience a new beginning to a great adventure.

Lucas Stoller was born in 1991 in Neuchâtel. He took a job as computer programming at the age of 16. He has been working with various website projects and in the beginning of January 2013 while David and Stéphanie were drawing and started to elaborate projects, he decided to help them by building a website.

Watch Collections

RESILIENCE-WATCH dedicates two models – SONAR (Steel) & Retro-style (Black ceramic) for men and two models – Revelation (Steel) & Luna Llena (Black ceramic) for women. These timepieces, either available in steel or black ceramic cases, will be powered with automatic movements.Brief information and technical features is given below.

SONAR (Steel)

Movement: Automatic with Hand winding
Watch case: Steel (brown chocolate galvanic colored)
Engraved markers on watch case at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock
Steel attached pieces (ivory galvanic colored)
Hour and minute hands: Black hollowed sonar shaped
Power-reserve at 3 o’clock (depressurization gauge)
Date indicator (temperature gauge at 12 o’clock)
Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock
Dial: military green
Crown: screwed in, Steel graduated / Rubber, cabochon stone in blue Sapphire
Crown protector
Strap: Black Rubber or black Leather
Clasp: Deployment type (in the same metal as the case)

Retro-style (Black ceramic)

Movement: Automatic with Hand winding (chronometer)
Watch case: Black Ceramic with rust orange matter lowering
Hour and minute markers inspired by old radios (Hertzian waves)
Golden chronometer indicator over rust orange circles inspired manual buttons of old radio posts
Dial: black lacquered ebony wood (DLC treatment)
Glass: bulging magnifying Sapphire glass with non-reflective treatment
Striped yellow Gold crown screwed in with cabochon stone in blue Sapphire
Black PVD crown protectors
Chronometer pushers start/back to zero in yellow Gold and Rubber
Yellow Gold horns
Strap: Black Rubber with shape insert or black Leather
Clasp: Deployment type in yellow Gold

Revelation (Steel) – Women’s watch

Movement: Automatic with Hand winding
Watch case: Steel with black PVD attached pieces
Hour and minute markers
Small minute and second sub-dials at 9 and 6 o’clock
Red chronometer hand
Glass: Non-Reflective Sapphire Glass
Crown: Steel screwed in/ Rubber, cabochon stone in blue Sapphire
Mono-pusher (start-stop/back to zero) at 2 o’clock
Strap: black Leather/ black Rubber band
Clasp: Deployment type (in the same metal as the case)

Luna Llena (Black ceramic) – Women’s watch

Movement: Automatic with Hand winding
Watch case: Black Ceramic and Yellow Gold open worked at 9 o’clock
Pearled dial
Blue/purple hour and minute hands
Crown screwed in
Date indicator at 3 o’clock
Day indicator at 12 o’clock
Power-reserve indication at 6 o’clock
3d spherical moon phase at 9 o’clock
Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock
Strap: Black Ceramic
Clasp: Deployment type
Blue decorative screws

Contact details

Z.I. Indiennes 13A
2074 Marin, Switzerland
Website: http://www.resilience-watch.ch

Courtesy: Résilience-Watch

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