KUDOKE Real Skeleton

There are various types of skeleton watches – industrially produced or traditionally made by hand with a little watchmakers’ saw. Mostly abstract shapes are being moulded out of plates, bridges and cock to reveal the interplay within the mechanical movement.

When developing his newest work of art Stefan Kudoke, renowned for his extraordinary skeleton creations, got his inspiration from 400 year old timepieces. Historic so called Memento-Mori-clocks address the transience of time expressing it symbolically with dead-head and bones.

KUDOKE Real Skeleton watch

This approach combined with the actual term „skeleton watch“ motivated the master watchmaker to create quite a unique watch: „Real Skeleton“. By taking the term literally he formed skeletal parts such as skull and bones out of movement plate and bridges which are electroplated in black rhodium and rose gold.

KUDOKE Real Skeleton watch

The play of colours and the first-class hand-engravings make the resulting shapes look very realistic. In addition the attention to detail and quality incorporated in this watch is testified by the handmade bone-shaped hands as well as genuine diamonds set into the eyes of the skull.

KUDOKE Real Skeleton watch

Real Skeleton will be available in a 42 mm Stainless Steel case for 8,990 Euro (incl. 19% VAT). This exceptional timepiece from the master of skeleton watches will be unveiled at Baselworld 2014.

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