ArtyA – New Classic ArtyA Case Collection

For the first time, Swiss luxury watch brand ArtyA is organizing an exhibition christened GAE (Geneva ArtyA Exhibition) in Mr Arpa’s own factory which is a stone’s throw away from the famous Geneva lake fountain. During this event (20-25 January 2014), the brand will be revealing some of their 2014 novelties. As the brand’s tradition goes, other and many more extraordinary novelties will be revealed in Basel.

The brand is unveiling the new classic ArtyA case designed by Yvan Arpa. This collection will comprise of timepieces with thinner and more refined cased and with different types of inserts on the lateral flancs. The Classic case has a width of 42 mm and is therefore slightly smaller than the traditional ArtyA case (47mm). The feat of the new classic case is that it can host almost all ArtyA dials despite its smaller size. In fact, this case is completely interchangeable with the current Son of Earth, Son of Love, Son of Arts, Son of Sound and Son of a Gun collection.

1) The ‘Son of a Gun 12 bullets’ in the new classical and refined steel case with either gold or black PVD lateral inserts. The dial is composed with twelve cut – up silver bullets stroked by red – tipped hands. Faithfull to the rest of the ‘Son of a Gun’ collection, the silver bullets–once put back together–can be used by a Swiss mini gun caliber 2 mm.

2) Second masterpiece to be presented in the new case comes from another bestselling ArtyA collection, also Known as the ‘Son of Earth’. Featuring a classical and elegant case with black lateral inserts, this timepiece has a unique 1/1dial completely hand made by the talented artist Dominique Arpa Cirpka. She surprises yet again by creating a unique one only piece using crushed diamond powder and pitch black natural pigments.

3) ‘Son of a Gun 3 bullets’: traditional ArtyA case; macho, strong, sturdy, solid,47mm.The dial with three cut up silver bullets looks like a videogame attack against werewolves with these red U tipped hands caressing the silver of the bullets.

4) Next novelty is called the ‘Son of a Gun traditional 11 bullets’ featuring eleven sharp bullets without the cartridges. The bullets are literally caught between the 2 sapphire glasses and read like 11 indexes for a very strong look.

Both on the dial and the case, a target sight is engraved and all bullets were shot using a patented process making them harmless. They have no more explosive power exempt for the power of the look it will have on any wrist. Through the open back, 3 cut off magnum cartridges balance the oscillating mass.

5) In the set collection, ArtyA presents present the ‘Son of Earth blue butterfly’; an iridescent Blue tropical butterfly delicately placed and protected on the dial by artist Dominique Arpa Cirpka. The reflections of these wings combined with the shiny power of VVS diamonds, creates an almost surnatural look.

6) Finally a shocking novelty from the forbidden collection – ArtyA reveals a timepiece with blood, diamonds and bullets in the Son of a Gun werewolf Collection.

Technical details

  • Traditional ArtyA Case, size 47mm–black PVD or high grade 316IL steel engraved with a target sight
  • Classical ArtyA case, size 42mm–high grade 316IL steel with lateral inserts of copper, steel, black PVD or Gold
  • Movement: high end Swiss automatic movement
  • Case back: closed engraved back except for the ‘Son of a Gun 11 bullets’ that features an open back with a Rotor ballasted with cut off bullet cartridges
  • Glass: Sapphire antireflection
  • Edition: unique pieces or highly limited editions
  • Strap: all ArtyA watches are delivered with a high end strap in either Porosus hornback, alligator,
  • Shark shin, satin or even fish skin. Pin buckle.

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