4N – MVT-01 Bead-Blasted and Polished Titanium

Swiss luxury watch brand 4N has announced the new version of their flagship model MVT-01.

The new model – MVT-01 Bead-Blasted and Polished Titanium – will be unveiled at this year’s edition of prestigious Baselworld Fair.

Created as an avant-garde answer to the evolution of design in numerical watches, 4N has proven with the MVT-01 that it is possible to associate clarity, elegance and technicality, with a perpetual visual show. Beyond the astonishing beauty of the minute and hour jumps, of the innovative mechanism, or the sophisticated finishes we have discovered on the Black DLC Titanium and white gold versions, 4N tames the essential adding to the poetry of the animation, the harmony mixing sensuousness of the polished and sensual raw. The MVT-01/D01 Bead-blasted and polished Titanium is a homecoming, leaving contemplative in front of the equilibrium created.

4N - MVT-01 Bead-Blasted and Polished Titanium

4N makes an impression with this new feature bringing character to the brand. The polished Bezel, horns and back case shine brightly attracting the eye until it is lost in the darker perfection of the matt bead-blasted titanium. The harmonious contrast of the colours and textures underlines the case’s sober architecture, insisting on its pure and gracious lines. The frame proudly calls for the true beauty of the movement, where unique functioning meets the know-how of the brand owner and designer François Quentin, and its partner, at the famous Swiss manufactory Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi.

4N Watches - MVT-01 Bead-Blasted and Polished Titanium

Without compromises, already demonstrated by an impressive power reserve (10 days), or by the size of the display, the MVT-01/D01 brings yet another response. The generosity of the case, which participates to the remarkable design, is sustained by the lightness of this material, making it a powerful and comfortable piece.

4N - MVT-01 Bead-Blasted and Polished Titanium watch

The collection is also granted an additional function regarding the quick correction push-button of the hours, which can now be locked in order to secure its use. Third out of the sixteen pieces in the collection, it is a truly exceptional timepiece. This gauged combination of horological marvel and subtle artwork will certainly change the way we look at numerical displays.

Technical details

Case in Titanium bead-blasted and polished
Jumping minutes and hours
Digital display by disc
Double barrels
Screwed balance D: 9.12 mm
Breguet over coil balance-spring
Cadence: 21 600 Alt/hour
514 parts, 78 jewels
Power reserve: 237 hours
Quick hours corrector
Easy strap switch
Finishing: all parts finely decorated

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