Geometric shapes are the foundations of design. Cabestan Trapezium is based on quadrilaterals with parallel and non-parallel sides. The result is a harmonious mixture of geometries that is ingeniously aesthetic and uniquely Cabestan. Scrupulously respecting the brand’s DNA, Cabestan Trapezium boasts a design that provides spectacular front, back and lateral views of the movement inside.

Its sapphire crystals, side windows and case back showcase the intricacies of the miniature chain, the fusee, the myriad wheels and drums, and the vertical tourbillon within. The prominent, fold-out crowns are integral components of this remarkable timepiece in which high tech and elegant design complement one another in perfect harmony.

The Cabestan EC101.2 movement, renowned for its spectacular design U and amazing accuracy, is at the heart of Trapezium. The chain and fusee and the vertical tourbillon are both fundamental components of the timepiece’s precision. Enhanced with new crowns, a new winding system, new security features and new drums, the movement takes another step forward in setting the standard for watchmaking. All this from one of Switzerland’s most respected watchmakers, Eric Coudray, and his remarkable team in the Vallée de Joux.

Finally, twin side plates enhance the visual geometry and allow for a mixture of textures and materials, creating a uniquely Cabestan appearance.

The high-grade titanium case is noticeably tilted toward the wearer to make legibility more comfortable, with the indexes offset in perfect coordination. The cleverly engineered and highly visible crowns open effortlessly, engaging the winding mechanism on one side and the time-setting on the other. The Trapezium has a total of 5 sapphire glasses, offering an unobstructed view of the vertical tourbillon movement.

The movement, engineered and built by Eric Coudray, is extremely precise. The chain and fusee perfectly and automatically compensate for the loss of torque of the mainspring and deliver a constant force to the tourbillon. Because of its vertical positioning, Trapezium tourbillon compensates exceptionally well for the variations in amplitude of the balance due to the effects of the Earth’s gravity.

A limited series of 135 pieces in titanium
The high-grade titanium case and side panels come in a variety of finishes.
Dimensions (mm): L 48 x W 41/46 x H 17

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