EVILARD WATCH is all about the passion and love of a young watchmaker who is recreating the brand invented by his Grandfather more than 60 years ago.

Origins of the brand date back to Second World War era when, Fritz Stück, originally from Bern, moved to the village of Evilard to practice the traditional watch making. With his sons, Fritz Junior and Samuel, he started creating Swiss watches in 1948 and Evilard Watch was born.

Like the majority of family businesses, Evilard Watch grew and prospered, then gradually disappeared due to the introduction of quartz, lack of successors, no new leads and less demand.

The passion for watch making did not, however, die. From his childhood bedroom to his workshop Nicolas Voyame, one the founder’s grandsons, examined his grandfather’s watches like treasures and he had a growing desire to use the know-how of Evilard in order to reinstate it to its former glory.

In 2010, Nicolas Voyame sketched and created his first time pieces under the watchful eye of his grandfather, who was thrilled to see his creation and the rebirth of his brand.

Nicolas Voyame surrounded himself with professionals from the relevant areas of expertise, sought advice from his Grandfather and equipped himself with modern instruments. Above all he kept the essence of the brand: 100% Swiss made.


Evilard Watch currently has three collections.  The first is entitled: “Esquisse”.  They are equipped with a 45mm casing and exist in 2 very dynamic versions which are immediately recognizable: Crop Circle α and Crop Circle β, inspired by these mysterious geometric forms which are regularly found in fields and which stand out due to their strong and pure image.


This collection is equipped with an Evilard chronographic calibre featuring  a decoration of rhodium, diamond pearl or adorned with the “Côtes de Genève”.


The dials in ruthenium or black gold, are created in two distinct parts, cut out from the mass, shaped by laser, then finished by hand thus offering two super-posed dials.


The oscillating mass in black gold, which can be seen through the sapphire glass background, is engraved with the Evilard emblem.


A leather strap with a double buckle underlines the elegance of these exceptional pieces. This collection also has been created in the ‘Skeleton’ version.  The watches are limited to 100 examples per version.

The second collection is called « LUNA ». The 38mm watch has an hour, minute & second movement – version skeleton. A Satintech or leather strap (imitation crocodile) with an ardillon buckle completes this magnificent time piece. These watches are limited to 400 examples. Very recently these collections have been created in the gold-plated version (10 microns).

In September 2013, Evilard launched a new collection – the ‘2R’ – which is equipped with a quartz movement. The concept of this ‘2R’ is to let the customers personalize their watch. They can choose the colours of the watch-hands (eg. red, orange, blue, green, yellow, white and black) and they can also personalise the dial with their name, initials or lucky number.


In order to maintain the ‘traditional hand-made’ spirit and keep in close touch with the client, Nicolas Voyame assembles and hand-finishes the Evilard watches in his workshop-boutique in Morges, Switzerland.  Both for the vintage Evilard watches and his new models, he welcomes his customers himself and shows the client the inner workings of the time piece he will be wearing on his wrist a few days later.

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