Andrew Glover

Inspired from the legendary British watchmakers and inventors like Robert Hooke, John Harrison, Thomas Mudge, John Arnold, Edward Dent and George Daniels, the new watch company established by Andrew Glover proudly displays the centuries old horology tradition of his country.

A talented young watch maker, Andrew Glover said that his new watch brand does not want to rely on Swiss watch making expertise to exist, so his watches will not feature any Swiss techniques.  In fact they will be proudly displaying Made in England label.

The new limited edition watch created by Andrew Glover is hand made in Nottingham, using a movement which was made in England by Smiths. Production is limited to 100 pieces in Silver and 50 in 9ct Gold. Price starts from £1800 for each piece.

Andrew Glover limited edition watch

The base calibre is fully dismantled and hand finished with 9 grades of abrasives followed by diamantine to achieve a perfect mirror polish. The cases are designed using CAD which allows the precision milling of a casting wax. At this point modern techniques give way to traditional methods of metal casting using the lost wax process followed by hand finishing.

Andrew Glover limited edition watch movement

The dial is handmade and finished using manual pad printing which transfers the image to the dial from using two engraved plates to transfer the two colours of printing ink. Laser engraving is used to mark the case back with Andrew Glover’s signature and the London hallmark.

Andrew Glover limited edition watch

The 28 year old watchmaker from England enjoys the fusion of cutting edge technology and technique with more traditional methods which have existed for centuries. Andrew Glover is currently developing his own movement calibres to power his future timepieces.

Andrew Glover’s mechanical timepieces feature elegant design, and its manufacturing process sticks to the traditions of British watch making, whilst making use of modern technology and design.  

Technical details

Case Material – Hand polished Stirling Silver with laser engraving
Strap Material – Italian handmade alligator hide
Strap Width – 18mm
Buckle Material – Hand Polished Stirling Silver with laser engraving
Case Diameter – 36mm
Case Length (lug to lug) – 46.2mm
Thickness – 13.5mm
Crown Diameter – 7mm
Movement Finish – Polished brass with blued steel screws
Movement Frequency – 18000 BPH
Front Crystal – Hand cut curved mineral glass
Rear Crystal – Machine cut flat mineral glass

Contact details

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