M.Stephane Watches – Le Classique, Le Museum and Tri-ro-matic

M.Stephane is a young Swiss watch brand with very humble beginnings in a world already ripe with many powerful brands. The brand works with known independent watchmakers to produce exceptional mechanical timepieces that are both meaningful and unique, well worth the time of any competent individual who appreciate the skills and value placed into created these small size items of complexity. As each and every watchmaker has their own area of expertise, by drawing on each of their inspirations, the company aspires to create a brand that is something for all to remember.

This small but crucial idea gives a solid framework for the basis of M.Stephane’s timepieces that embody both the physical and sentimental value. To protect and keep the timepieces at a high quality, the brand uses gold as the material for the casing and buckles to give the watch a sense of value as well as integrity. As for the mechanism, consideration was for a mechanism that is easy to operate, but also unique and memorable. For this, the brand approached master watchmaker Paul Gerber who is known to produce fun and fascinating specialties for watch enthusiasts around the world with his exceptional skills.

M.Stephane Collections
M.Stephane Le Classique (Model 2892 watch)
This is a simple, classical mechanical watch that is reliable and resilient. The 40 mm white or rose gold case and highly legible dial makes it noble, yet also fashionable and smart timepiece that matches with anything you wear, no matter what the occasion. The 38.2g case gives it the weight to be a presence and the genuine croco strap fits firmly on the wrists. The dial design and the overall feel of the watch give a taste of class.

Model: 5001
Case: White or Rose Gold
Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 7.7mm
Case Weight: 38.2g
Movement: ETA 2892
Strap: Genuine Croco

M.Stephane Le Museum (Caliber 36 watch)
Based on Paul Gerber’s specially attuned movement, this watch is here to present a new perspective to using the chronograph function. The chronometer is located at the back of the watch to give the user an undeterred view. This gives a dual identity to the watch: on one side a robust and clear-cut watch with day-date-month and am/pm function; and on the other side a time-keeping instrument.

What captures the attention of many is the new arrangement of the Day-Date-Month layout, which is now rearranged in one line on at the 3 o’clock. This means it will be more convenient for the user to see all the functions together. The size of the window for the function is made larger to allow easier viewing.

The Chronograph function for the watch is modified from two buttons to one. All the function for the chronograph will be done via this button: the first press starts the stopwatch function, the second stops and the third press resets the sweep second hand as well as the minute counter concealed on the case back to original position.

Case: White or Rose Gold
Diameter: 43
Thickness: 14.15
Case Weight: 80g
Movement: Paul Gerber Calibre 36
Strap: Genuine Croco

M.Stephane Tri-ro-matic
For many mechanical and automatic watch users, one constant reminder for them is to remember to wind the watch in case if it stops. If the user is too occupied with other tasks, or simply forgot, then they’ll end up having to adjust the time and date, as well as to wind the watch again. A few times is ok, but it gets troublesome after a longer period of time.

Thus, the concept behind this is to create a watch collection that looks classic and sturdy, but at the same time a hidden surprise lays in wait for the user that relieves the above problem. Associated with this watch is the triple rotor movement modified by Paul Gerber. Instead of one rotor for the automatic movement, there will now be three rotors. The triple rotor used in this collection further improves the stability and ruggedness of the watch, giving higher reliability to the power storage build up.

The purpose is to allow easier winding via the simple movement of the watch itself, such as while the watch is being used. In this way, the watch will be wound much more quickly and thus vastly decreasing the likeliness of the watch stopping.

Case: White / Rose Gold
Diameter: 42
Thickness: 13.4
Case Weight: 68g
Movement: Paul Gerber Calibre 42
Strap: Genuine Croco

Contact details
M. Stéphane SA
61 route de Thonon
1222 Vésenaz

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