Elliot Brown is a UK based watch brand co-founded by Ian Elliot and Alex brown, two passionate guys who set out to make watches that are more handsome and hard wearing than anything. The Elliot Brown watches are born from their passion to make sportive and rugged timepieces that can withstand harsh conditions like sand, salt water, snow, ice, mud and extreme pressure.

Alex, a horologer by profession has a 17 years of professional experience with Animal Ltd, a UK based action sports lifestyle brand. Ian was co founder of Animal and latterly MD of Salad Creative, a boutique brand design agency. His entrepreneurial mentality and unique experience are the perfect complement to Alex’s Horology background. Salad Creative’s head of design, Andy Russell was briefed to begin design work on the brand and to develop ideas for the new watch range and finally Alex and Ian succeeded to have make watches under the brand name Elliot Brown.

Special features of Elliot Brown watch

  • They are elegant timepieces that look solid and just work equally well over a wetsuit or with a shirt.
  • They are more durable than any comparable watch and built with beautiful detailing.
  • They are desirable enough to be an “only watch”.
  • They are easy to maintain and repairable if the worst happens.
  • They are easy to tailor to individual tastes and needs.
  • They last for years and will develop a patina all of their own over time.
  • They have details you might not discover straight away but miss when you wear another watch.
  • They boast unique water proofing and shock proofing features
  • Every single watch is put through a series of rigorous tests for shock, pressure and accuracy

Ian Elliot and Alex brown developed an anti shock movement housing inside the case to damp the effect of harsh shocks.  They have also created a fool-proof sealing system for the crowns that work 100% of the time no matter if the crown is pushed in or pulled out.  The duo engineered 3 seals into the crown so it will withstand the 200m water test in any position.

All major components of Elliot Brown watches are made from 316L Marine grade stainless steel. The critical strap pins are machined from solid stainless steel and simply screw in so anyone can adjust or change a strap.

Traction & torsion test – A 5kg weight is hung from the left-hand side of the strap, whilst the right-hand side is constantly twisted through 180 degrees back and forth.

All straps are interchangeable for ultimate choice – even those with specially shaped ends. The Faces are designed to be bold and easy to read in any light conditions with Super Luminova luminescent detailing – even the strap clasps are engraved with luminous infill so you can find your watch at night when it’s upside down.

The large and knurled crowns are easy to grip with wet, cold or muddy hands. The case back is beautifully engineered with stamped and laser etched detailing – it’s secured with 6 hex bolts set to a particular torque setting to ensure a perfect seal and to hold the anti-shock movement housing in just the right position.

Elliot Brown uses Swiss made movements from dependable suppliers. All with 5 year battery lives for the minimum of fuss. Every strap has a secure deployant clasp – the solid stainless steel bracelets have micro expansion adjustment to conveniently fit over a wetsuit or cuff.

For the glass, Elliot Brown opted for toughened mineral crystal that’s hardened and tempered then applied an anti reflective coating.  Mineral is tougher than sapphire in regard to shattering. Elliot Brown has an in-house servicing and testing facility to ensure the timely servicing and repairing of watches.

Elliot Brown’s mission is to make the toughest watches that will go anywhere and last for years, then look after them efficiently and inexpensively so the wearer can continue to enjoy the kind of attachment with their watch that only develops over time.

Ian Elliot
Ian Elliot, the co founder of Elliot Brown watches has a passion of sports and entrepreneurship since his childhood. It was the sport that inspired him to work differently – to work at something which ignited the same passion. He left the university education early to start a business and ended up making a watchstrap made from Velcro and polypropylene webbing. That’s how Animal was born – an action sports lifestyle brand.

In the early stages of his business at Animal, he made watchstraps on an old sewing machine in order to make the best one possible – the toughest, most comfortable, and best looking.  His business grew into a complete action sports lifestyle brand with range of products including watches.

Alex Brown
Alex Brown is a passionate and imaginative watchmaker who started his horological career by moving to London and knocking on every door in Clerkenwell until he was offered a job.

That opportunity came from a watch-material dealer on Clerkenwell Road, London’s traditional centre for watch- and clock-making, where Alex spent the next four years learning his trade. Whilst working in Clerkenwell, Alex put himself through the British Horological Institute’s Diploma in Technical Horology at Hackney College, achieving joint 2nd place in the UK in his Final Practical Examinations.

Looking for an opportunity to broaden his horizons, Alex was offered a position in Cartier’s prestigious after sales department in Old Bond Street. He was also approached by one of the founders of Animal Ltd, offering him the opportunity to set up and run their watch servicing department. After surprising Cartier by being the first person to decline an offer of a position, Alex moved to Dorset, and for the next seventeen year he ran Animal’s watch department. The role involved range planning and development, working with designers and manufacturers and overseeing the servicing department.

During his time at Animal, Alex learned why and how watches could fail and started imagining how those points of failure could be minimised in order to make watches that could survive really harsh treatment for longer.

In the spring of 2013, Alex joined forces with Ian Elliot to establish Elliot Brown Ltd – a watch brand that uniquely incorporates these features into smart but rugged analogue watches specifically designed for the outdoor and active-sports sectors.
Bloxworth & Canford
Bloxworth(a diver sports chronograph)  & Canford (a Performance sports model) watches are designed from scratch using 20 years of experience designing and servicing watches that lead harsh lives. Every case is designed in-house and forged from a solid block of 316L stainless steel that is precision CNC-machined, and then brushed and polished, or finished with a PVD coating, depending on the model. As well as being durable and corrosion-resistant, 316L is hypo-allergenic, so it is safe for people with an allergy to nickel.

Brown Bloxworth

The caseback is bolted down, not threaded onto the case, to ensure that the shock-absorbing movement holder is held in exactly the right position.

Every caseback has the model number laser etched around the edge for easy model identification, should the watch get separated from its box or need to be returned for service or repair. To ensure that the watch does not feel sticky on the wrist in hot weather, the area that touches the skin is as small as possible and has different textures and surfaces.

Every single watch is individually pressure-tested to 20 ATM, twice, to make sure that the manufacturing tolerances and assembly meet the strict quality standards; once when the bare case is machined, and again once the watch has been assembled. Every watch is designed to be water-resistant to the ISO2281 standard.

Bloxworth is powered with a 13-jewel gold-plated Ronda 5030.D, fully manufactured in Switzerland. The 5030.D movement provides tactile feedback when a push-button is pressed so that there is no need to look at the watch to check the push-button has activated. It has a 5-year battery life, meaning only two battery changes per decade, and uses a mercury-free Swiss Made silver oxide battery that is easily and widely recycled. The movement inside the Canford model is a 5-jewel gold-plated ISA Swiss 331-103 fully manufactured in Switzerland. It has a 5-year battery life with an end of life indication, meaning only two battery changes per decade, with plenty of warning.

Elliot Brown Canford

The movement is mounted inside unique solid steel movement-housing that is surrounded by shock-absorbing elastomer bumpers that minimise the amount of vibration and shock transmitted to the movement and dial, reducing the chance of them getting damaged.  Every watch is shock-resistant to ISO1413, a test that simulates a watch falling a metre onto a hardwood floor, sustaining 5,000G at the point of impact.

The crown and push-buttons are all knurled so they are always easy to use, even when the watch is wet, cold, or muddy.

The crown of Bloxworth model is a triple-sealed push-in crown rather than a screw-down crown, because push-in crowns are always water-resistant – customers don’t have to remember to keep them screwed down: the most common cause of water-entry is customer error.

Canford model features two crowns; both are knurled and have smooth radiused edges for comfort. The upper crown controls the inner rotating timing bezel, and has a triangle logo to distinguish it. The lower crown has a small notch behind it to make it easier to pull out to set the time and date. Both are triple-sealed push-in crowns rather than screw-down crowns.

In Bloxworth model, the external rotating bezel can be used to time everyday events quickly and easily. Turn it anti-clockwise until the triangular marker lines up with the tip of the minutes-hand, and then read off the number of minutes that have passed. It only rotates anti-clockwise, so that it can only read a shorter time remaining if it gets knocked.  The markings from 0-20 are filled with SuperLuminova so that it is possible to time events in low-light conditions.

In Canford model, the internal rotating bezel can be used to time everyday events quickly and easily, and is controlled by the upper crown. To count from a specific time, turn the upper crown until the triangular marker on the bezel lines up with the tip of the minutes-hand, and read off the number of minutes that have passed. To count down towards a specific time, turn the upper crown until the triangular marker on the bezel lines up with the end-time, and count down the number of minutes to go.

Crystal is made from 2.8mm hardened Japanese mineral glass with an internal anti-reflective coating. This coating produces the blue tint that is sometimes visible, and cuts glare and reflections. Mineral crystal is not as hard as a sapphire crystal, but it is less expensive to replace, and much less brittle: a customer can still use a watch with a scratched glass, but they cannot use one with a broken glass.

The hour markers, hands, and the 0-20 bezel(Bloxworth) or internal bezel (Canford) markings are all coated with Japanese SuperLuminova to provide the best possible legibility in low light conditions, and the 12 o’clock marker is different, so there is no doubt the watch is the right way up. The seconds-hand has a luminous tip to show the watch is definitely working, even at night.

All straps and bracelets are interchangeable and available separately, so they can be changed and adjusted by the customer, using the screwdriver provided with every watch. They are secured to the watch using solid steel bars that are screwed together for maximum strength, and all the leather straps are all curved to blend into the radius of the case.

Leather straps are cut from smooth water-resistant leather and lined with nubuck to be supple and comfortable, and secured by a single-folding deployant buckle so that the watch can’t fall off when it’s being taking off or put on.

The buckle logo is luminous, so that the watch can be seen at night if it was left face-down. Leather and canvas straps use deployant buckles that only need to be adjusted to fit once. After that, they click closed to the right size every time.

The custom-made 2mm military-type ballistic nylon webbing strap has 5 heavy-duty stainless steel loops that secure the watch to the strap, and laser-cut and heat-sealed holes for minimal fraying and maximum strap-life.

Metal bracelets have solid 316L stainless links and screw-in link-pins for maximum strength and easy adjustment using the screwdriver provided. The heavy-duty clasp has a concealed extension link to fine-tune the fit, or to extend the length of the bracelet quickly and elegantly for use over a wetsuit.

Technical details
1. Elliot Brown Bloxworth

  • Swiss Made 13-jewel 12-hour chronograph movement with date at 4 o’clock
  • 5-year battery-life
  • Steel & elastomer-damped shock-absorbing movement-holder
  • Water-resistant to ISO2281 and individually tested to 20ATM/200M
  • Shock-resistant to ISO1413
  • Solid marine-grade 316L stainless steel case
  • Anti-reflective-coated 2.8mm hardened mineral crystal
  • Triple-sealed knurled 6.5mm crown and push-buttons
  • Bolted down caseback with oversize seal
  • External unidirectional rotating bezel with SuperLuminova markings from 0-20
  • SuperLuminova-coated indices & hands
  • Screw-in steel strap-bars with screwdriver included
  • Solid steel bracelet with screw-in link-pins and micro-adjustable extension clasp
  • Premium oiled leather strap with fitted ends, nubuck lining and deployant buckle
  • Washed canvas strap with nubuck lining and deployant buckle
  • Size: 9H-3H – 44mm excluding crown and push-buttons/ 12H-6H – 53mm max to tip of case shoulders/ Maximum thickness – 13mm
  • Strap width – 22mm

2. Elliot Brown Canford

  • Swiss Made 5-jewel quartz movement with date at 4 o’clock
  • 5-year battery-life with EOL indication
  • Steel & elastomer-damped shock-absorbing movement-holder
  • Water-resistant to ISO2281 and individually tested to 20ATM/200M
  • Shock-resistant to ISO1413
  • Solid marine-grade 316L stainless steel case
  • Domed & anti-reflective-coated hardened mineral crystal
  • Triple-sealed 6mm knurled crowns
  • Bolted down case back with oversize seal
  • Internal rotating bezel with SuperLuminova marker
  • SuperLuminova-coated indices & hands
  • Screw-in steel strap-bars with screwdriver included
  • Solid steel bracelet with screw-in link-pins and micro-adjustable extension clasp
  • Premium oiled leather strap with fitted ends, nubuck lining and deployant buckle
  • 2mm-thick heavy duty ballistic nylon webbing strap
  • Size: 9H-3H – 44mm excluding crowns/ 12H-6H – 54mm max to tip of case shoulders/ Maximum thickness – 13.5mm
  • Strap width – 22mm

Elliot Brown guarantees all their watches for 12 months from date of purchase, and an in-house service department in the UK service and repair watches from both retailers and consumers quickly and efficiently. Custom moulded protective EVA boxes to protect watches in transit are available FOC to both retailers and consumers.

Elliot Brown follows strict environmental conservation policies and they use recycled materials wherever it is possible, and don’t air-freight the watches if it is possible and recycle as much as, from waste paper to watch batteries, and are part of the WEEE Distributor Takeback Scheme.

Official website: http://www.elliotbrownwatches.com/

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