Valerii Danevych

Based in Ukraine, Valerii Danevych is a craftsman turned artisanal watch maker who is specialized in the manufacturing of miniature wooden timepieces such as clocks and wristwatches made of wood. Top performances of his artworks: Till now the only both wooden wristwatches worldwide, one of them with flying Tourbillon, as well as the probably smallest wooden timepiece of the world, a necklace watch.
Valerii Danevych was born in 1968 in the capital of the Ukraine, Kiev. He has descended from a family which has been marked since generations by cabinet-maker’s workshop where he already made during his school days wooden miniatures like an only 3 cm guitar with hair as strings. As a qualified precision joiner working with wooden constructions, restorations or artisan articles did not give him any more satisfaction. The feeling and ambition to manufacture complicated mechanical crafts completely from wood in miniature form was always on his mind.

In 2005 so he had the idea to make clockworks out of this material with out being educated as a watchmaker. His talent and perseverance motivated him to produce among many art works the only functioning wooden wristwatches worldwide. Also such complications like a flying Tourbillon, which is even difficult in conventional technology, were not deter him.  There was a career jump in 2012 when he was appointed the official candidate of the famous association of independent and creative watch and clock makers all around the world (AHCI).

Valerii Danevych – Chronology of horologic activities

Contact details
Valerii Danevych
U. Smolycha 6-W/44
03191 Kiev

Interview with Valerii Danevych

How did you get around producing watches and clocks from wood?

Does this art/craft have tradition in Russia or the Ukraine? Are there other countries where this is practiced?

What is to be followed during the wood processing and with the production process of these parts particularly? What is difficult especially?

What are you fascinated about this work mostly?

Are the clocks and watches with their mechanism made entirely of wood, not any metal parts?

Can you live on it, do these watches sell? Where and how? Which strategy must one use on customers to persuade them of purchase?

Are these clocks and watches affordable, how expensive are they?

What kind of wood do you use? How about reasons of use, characteristics, advantages, disadvantages?

Are these movements mechanical only? Must they wind up by hand, how exact are they running? Which type of watches and clocks do you build?

How about the durability and reliability of such wooden clocks and watches?

What are other specific features of your timepieces?

Which projects, ideas do you have for the future?

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