” Timepieces are messengers of time and also surpass the meaning of time keeping. We treasure a wristwatch as a beautiful work of art as well as an art of time. To produce a wristwatch is equivalent to creating an art treasure,it can travel through time and space, national borders and diverse territory.   The wristwatch completely presents the classic, romantic and spiritual sustenance form. It creates a work of art which has profound fashionable taste.”

Mi Changhong, Founder and chief designer (LONGIO)

LONGIO, a high-end wristwatch designer brand from PRC, was founded by Changhong Mi in 1996. LONGIO watches integrate with originality, creativity, ingenuity, know how and artist charm. LONGIO  is specialized in manufacturing high quality mechanical timepieces and affordable luxury tourbillon watches. Their product range includes classical inspired designs as well as unique avantgarde models and powerful masculine sport-watches and chronographs. Based in Hong Kong, LONGIO also offers customised luxury watches as well as ODM/OEM services.

LONGIO watch always adhere to craftsman’s spirit of innovation, improvement and perfectness. LONGIO watch modelled on Chinese millennium traditional culture. With stylized design concept, rich and colourful designs, LONGIO using its excellent handcraft to make every collection of time art. LONGIO watch devote to build a bridge between art and horologe, time and aesthetics, strength and passion, fashion and classic, to let everyone appreciate the “Chinese time show”.

Mi Changhong is the founder and chief designer for Longio Watch Company since 1996. The LONGIO watch company was producing watches for European and U.S brands. During this period, Mr. Mi Changhong always devoted himself to study on western horology and culture art of east and west. He is an expert at using innovation, unique and fashion-forward ideas to express watch stories.

After launching ASMARA, TELAMON and other attractive series, now he has a series called ART of TIME, which illuminates Chinese traditional culture and connotation of art to worldwide timepiece enthusiast and horologe collectors. These timepieces express Chinese legend through the wonderful fingertip craftwork, which pours out of a high end wristwatch designer with persistent pursuit of horology craft production. Mi Changhong invests his heart and soul in each timepiece and creates a wristwatch that is exceptional piece of art.

LONGIO Watch Collections
In 2009, LONGIO launched ASMARA, TELAMON, X-RACE, VOCAN and other attractive original mechanical watches, and received international industry attention and praise. From 2011, LONGIO releaseed MYTHOS, NATIONAL BEAUTY, SALUZI and other Chinese traditional handcraft wristwatches in succession, which originating from Chinese traditional culture and using gold mini sculpture, jade carving and enamel handcraft. LONGIO Mythos is the only existing white jade tourbillon wristwatch in the world. Its case and bracelet was made of 2.68Kg hotan suet white jade, from Xinjiang,China. In 2013, LONGIO continued its Chinese style, and released POETIC, DIALOGUE, LACQUER ART series. These series watches present Chinese folk intangible cultural heritage treasures and the traditional Chinese painting romantic, includes inside painting, enamel painted porcelain, halo gold lacquer, eggshell mosaic ,etc.

The LONGIO TELAMON collection is inspired from Greek Mythology. TELAMON was a member of the heroic Argonauts-the seafarers that accompanied Jason in his quest to find the Golden Fleece in the year before the Trojan War. These timepieces are unique and rare as an expensive Tourbillon movement is successfully integrated in a high grade diving timepiece.

The 1,000 meters of water resistance, precision, and appearance of clear lines and rich textures of the grinding are also comparable to the world’s top watches. The TELAMON 1,000 meter dive watch is full of modern features and bold style. The design is inspired by the Greek keys and columns. These design elements combine the sophisticated Tourbillon movement and a 47MM stainless steel case, creating a unique and special style.

LONGIO’s X-RACER watches are inspired by the extreme sports cars and racing. The X-RACER watch integrates dynamic art with exciting and challenging car racing features, together they perfectly form the vision and function.

The buffer on the bezel can reduce the potential hit damage to the bezel, it protects the movement. These timepieces are created with light weight and wear-resistant Titanium and a natural rubber strap to make both comfortable and energetic.

The LONGIO ASMARA collection takes its inspiration from ASMARA, one of the most beautiful and tranquil cities in Africa. It is a simple and unadorned city dating back some 700 years.  ASMARA means to harmonize in Teague Language.   The landscape of this city has been heavily influenced by Italian architecture. A modern blend of Art Deco elements and a fine centered Tourbillon movement make this watch a very masculine and elegant timepiece.

Complex rough surfaces and the unique Roman numerals set off a shell appearance, with wonderful classic beauty. Peaceful life is always the perfect condition that human beings have pursued since ancient times. LONGIO and ASMARA advocate the life style of peace, harmony and state of the art.

LONGIO VOLCAN collection takes its inspiration from volcanic eruptions and large craters. The broad circular arc represents the spectacular grand crater, and the use of black colour to show its mystery.

For the best ergonomics the watch is equipped with a rubber strap combined with a light weight Titanium case for a comfortable feel.

LONGIO ZHUKE collection is inspired from ZHUKE, a sacrificial instrument from the Chu Dynasty which weighs 400 KG. This bronze tripod is symbol of wealth and power; also it is the name used for craftsmen who have professional skills and their own identity and travel from kingdom to kingdom. The last forever craftsman is such as Gong Shuban (Lu Ban) and Ou Zhiye.

ZHUKE as a kind of attitude, constantly striving for perfection is the craftsman’s spirit. ZHUKE just as the name implies, is a bronze art treasure in the history of recording time.

The key image of the design reveals a series of heroic figures which mirrors the narrative of the poetry and exquisite Chinese painting. Combining fine lines and elegant colouring, these figures are depicted in mighty postures of equestrianism, archery, and hunting; all are famous motifs of Tang artworks. In addition to the heroic figure series, Longio also presents the ‘Poetic’ series which applies copolymer copper painted enamel, porcelain body painted enamel, inlay and halos of traditional gold handicraft.

These delicate techniques are inherited from Chinese Royal court production, which guaranteed the unique and exceptional quality meeting the Emperor’s taste at the time. In this series, you can enjoy the beauty of poetry and miniature landscape, all these charms are captured within the watch.

LONGIO DIALOGUE applies the technique of Verre églomisé to represent the key image of the dial. The body of dial is made from SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL. The image is reversely painted on the back of the dial. The subtle strokes and brushes, together with smooth color gradation, depict delicate pattern of flowers and birds, which are inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. The Spring/Summer collection presents a warm ambience featuring season’s touch with flower, lotus leaves and birds.

These seasonal landscapes express the charm of harmony and tranquility which are typical traits of Chinese paintings. The bezel of the watch is polished stainless steel. The automatic movement is ETA2824. The dial surface frames a subtle brush work which represents an elaborate view.

The Lacquer Art collection offers limited edition timepieces which employ the ancient artistic craft of painting.Using the Chinese lacquer art methods, these adorable timepieces are beautified with the figures of flowers, nature and animals. These timepieces boast stainless steel case and is equipped with Swiss made automatic movements.

M.C.H. Art of Time
LONGIO offers a special limited edition watch series – ART of TIME, which illuminates Chinese traditional culture and connotation of art and specially dedicated to collectors and devotees of fine horology. These timepieces express Chinese legend through the wonderful fingertip craftwork, which pours out of a high end wristwatch designer with persistent pursuit of horology craft production. Mi Changhong invests his heart and soul in each timepiece and creates a wristwatch that is exceptional piece of art. Currently three models are available from this series – MYTHOS, SALUZI & NATIONAL BEAUTY – strictly in limited edition lots.

The design philosophy behind LONGIO’s MYTHOS white jade timepiece is derived from the phoenix mythology, symbolizing grace, luck and harmony in ancient China. Phoenix is the king of the birds in ancient Chinese legends; it is the national totem of Han Nationality and always symbolizes good fortune.

LONGIO MYTHOS white jade wristwatch—the only wristwatch made of white jade in the world, the watchcase and watch bracelet are made of 2.68kg of superior white jade from Hotan, Xinjiang, China, they are meticulously hand carved by a jade carving master. This process takes seven months and uses two world class jade carving craftsman, one for screw thread watchcase and the bottom case, the other for the watch bracelet.  The watchface design is the beautiful golden phoenix dancing on the pure black enamel; miniature engraving is adopted for the 18K golden phoenix. The lifelike gorgeous golden wings under the mellow white jade gloss move as if flying effortlessly. Graceful as the flight of time, the ancient mythology travels through history to soothe your heart and soul. A window in the dial allows a view on the magnificent Swiss made tourbillion that is used in the LONGIO MYTHOS and emphasizes even more the high approach of luxury.

LONGIO’s MYTHOS incorporates innovation of material application for a more profound style and the improvement of function. Gentle white jade is perfectly combined with the impassioned king of the birds, which makes this wristwatch a unique work of art.

The design inspiration of LONGIO SALUZI originates from embellishments in Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleu. It reminds us of an old story about braveness and loyalty. “SALUZI” was the war horse of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang when he was fighting with Wang Shicong in Mangshan Mountain, Luoyang. Li Shimin was separated from his soldiers amidst fierce fighting, suddenly, “SALUZI” was shot by an arrow, in such a desperate situation, senior general Qiu Xinggong arrived and drew the bows in all directions, fought desperately, resisted the attack of the enemies and gave his saddle horse to Li Shimin. After Qiu Xinggong got through the close siege and went returned to his campsite, he took an arrow in the chest of SALUZI, and then SALUZI fell down. Senior general Qiu Xinggong still wore the coat armor, and had not discharged his sabre and quiver, “SALUZI” had its eyes drooping, hip contracting, leaned close to Qiu Xinggong, which showed the friendly sentiments between the general and the horse.

SALUZI timepiece adopts 22K golden miniature engraving technology, emulates the emotional moment that senior general Qiu Xinggong pulled out the arrow for injured “SALUZI”. LONGIO’s SALUZI features a rare and precious antique movement designed personally by the famous German watch creator Dürrstein in 1890. The watchcase and watch buttons are made of precious 18K gold. “Braveness and loyalty” are everlasting nobility, and as by time travel brings people back to the ancient age with the beat of drums and the blare of trumpets.

LONGIO’s NATIONAL BEAUTY collection is inspired from the peony, graceful and magnificent flower which has the good reputation of “national beauty and heavenly fragrance”, “the king of flowers”. Liu Yuxi, a Tang Dynasty poet, praised “Only true country Peony color, bloom season, moving the capital.” Peony has always been the symbol of luck, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The NATIONAL BEAUTY timepieces feature an 18K golden red carved blooming peony on the black enamel dial, swaying in the revolving time, waiting for what the future may bring, reminding us of what we cherish, embracing the past, and leaving us with a content  heart and soul.  LONGIO’s NATIONAL BEAUTY series perfectly combines the Chinese flower art with gold carving, enamel and other pure Chinese hand craftsmanship and presents the incomparable oriental style to the world.

Official website: http://www.longiowatch.com/

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