Schofield Watch Company – Blacklamp Carbon Limited Edition

British time wear brand Schofield Watch Company has announced the launch of its new limited edition wrist watch at SalonQP 2013, the Schofield Blacklamp Carbon.

The traditional Blacklamp Carbon timepiece equipped with a manual wind movement stands out in an increasingly automated world of ‘smart’ phones and watches. The Blacklamp Carbon uses the powerful and robust Unitas 6498 movement, the legendary Swiss calibre first made in the 1950s.

The Blacklamp Carbon has drawn upon elite English manufacturing. Over a year of research and development has gone into creating a proprietary material called Morta®, a special matrix of carbon fibre, hand-laid and formed into small billets. A single billet is used to create one Blacklamp watch case, making each watch subtly different from the next. Machined to the highest specification every watch case is testament to world class English engineering and precision.

Situated at the western extremity of the British Isles, 4 nautical miles from the nearest point of land on the Cornish Coast, lies Wolf Rock. On top of this giant mass of felspathic porphyry rock lies Wolf Rock lighthouse. From this elegant tower a single white light flashes every 15 seconds reaching 23 nautical miles into the North Atlantic swell.

A limited edition wrist watch of only 101 pieces, each Blacklamp Carbon is uniquely named after an English lighthouse.  From ‘Wolf Rock’ in the South West to ‘St Bees’ on the Cumbrian coast, each watch is denoted by the location coordinates of the tower and character of flash from the lamp within.

Inside the crown of each Blacklamp Carbon wrist watch lies a Tritium gas light. These self powered lights emit a constant low level glow, too dim to be seen by day but enough to illuminate a pinprick of light from under your cuff at night. Around the rim of the dial, set beneath the crystal, lies a ring of Moonglow®, a GLTD material developed by NASA that illuminates the dial in the dark.

The Blacklamp is accompanied by a special little torch. Made in England this 500 Lumen light can be used to activate the Moonglow ring in the dial.

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