SINN U200 B (EZM8) Special limited edition with matte blue galvanized dial

The U200 B is an exclusive, limited edition watch from German watch brand SINN. The mission timer made from German submarine steel is equipped with a matte blue galvanized dial and white, luminous indices and hands. Matching in colour, the watch comes with a white silicone strap and blue and white textile strap as standard. The U200 B is equipped with impressive technology, as the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology for functional reliability and freedom from fogging.

Temperature resistance technology ensures that the U200 B is functionally reliable in a temperature range of − 45°C to + 80°C. Its suitability as a diving watch for professional usage was tested by Germanischer Lloyd, which confirms and certifies the pressure  resistance of SINN U200 (EZM 8)series to a diving depth  of 2,000 m and the temperature resistance and function  based on EN250 and EN14143, the European standards  for diving equipment.
The watch comes in a stylish case with a white silicone strap and blue and white textile strap,  strap-replacing tool, spare spring bars and booklet.

Available for order only until 31 December 2013

Technical details
Case and crown made of high-strength, seawater-resistant German submarine steel
Tested based on the European diving equipment standards and certified by Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg
Pressure resistant to 2,000 m diving depth (= 200 bar), certified by Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg
Captive diver’s bezel with minute ratcheting
Diver’s bezel with tegiment technology, therefore especially scratch-resistant
Ar-dehumidifying technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
Functionally reliable from − 45°cup to + 80°c
Matte blue galvanized dial with white, luminous indices and hands
Sapphire crystal glass
Low pressure resistant

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