Memorigin “Man of Steel” Tourbillon

Hong Kong based luxury tourbillon watch brand Memorigin unveils the “Man of Steel” tourbillon watch in association with Warner Bros to celebrate the successful release of Hollywood movie –Man of Steel.

The s-shaped logo merges with the pattern of Jor-El (Superman’s father)’s armor which forms the major design of the watch dial. Using the new plating technology, the contrast of the texture on the movement’s skeleton is remarkable. The two villains’ logos are hidden at the two bottom corners, leaving a subtle yet delicate element.

About the design inspiration of the watch, Memorigin merges the innovative idea of the film into the watch design. Similar to the redesigned Superman in the film, Memorigin aims to present a tourbillon watch that is different from the existing series. Thus, a tonneau shaped (square shaped) case is used instead of the normal round shaped case. It gives a visual excitement to everyone.

In order to match the theme of the movie, some features of the characters in film can be found throughout the entire watch. The s-shaped logo merges with the pattern of Jor-El (Superman’s father)’s armor which form the major design of the skeleton as the watch dial. With using the new plating technology, the contrast of the texture on the movement’s skeleton is significant. Designer deliberately hides two villains’ logo on the two bottom corners separately. It leaves a kind of playful element on the watch. Besides, the watch followed the colour setting of the superman in the film. 12 pieces of natural crystals was inlaid on the dial. On the dial, the deep red ruby at 12 o’clock position makes a great contrast to the rest 11 pieces of the natural deep blue sapphire.

About the product specifications, an off-centered tourbillon movement is equipped that provides 60 hours power for entire watch. A stunning effect excited everyone’s eye-sight while it rotates. Especially, the frequency of the movement is 28800 oscillations per hour. The stability is more reliable. On the other hand, a Memorigin trade-mark was engraved on the balance wheel. It emphasizes the uniqueness of this Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand.

If you have seen the armor of the superman in this film, a deep impression will be left why Warner Bros address the superman as the “Man of Steel”. As this reason, Memorigin specially design the strap similar to the texture of the armor of the superman in this film. A mesh bracelet will be equipped with each tourbillon watch. For every part, Memorigin tried to be perfect. It aims to give the watch lover surprise at every moment.

Technical details
Model:  Man of Steel Tourbillon Watch

  • Movement No. : WB 0627
  • Case size: 39mm x 41mm
  • 158 pieces of subassembly module and 23 jewels
  • Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
  • The tourbillon located at 6 o’clock rotates at a speed of 60s for one circle.
  • Power reserve of 60 hours
  • Off-centered Tourbillon
  • Tonneau Shaped Case
  • Natural sapphire and ruby index
  • Engine-engraved Superman Logo
  • Blue pomme of Luminous hands
  • Matte silver crown embossed with Superman Logo
  • Both sides sapphire crystal
  • Mesh bracelet
  • Price:  HKD $36,800
  • Quantity: Limited Edition 100

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