Antoine Preziuso Matterhorn Day and Night

Matterhorn Day and Night, the latest timepiece designed by Antoine Preziuso, celebrates one of the most spectacular mountains not just in Switzerland but in the whole of Europe, and a UNESCO world heritage site: The Matterhorn.

Mont Blanc and Mount Everest have already been showcased in the same series and are now to be found on the wrists of countless watch connoisseurs. Mount Fuji will be joining them soon. Antoine Preziuso has designed the series for all mountaineers who share his philosophy: Aim For The Top. Matterhorn Day and Night comes with a solid gold dial with an opening to the sky that, during its 24-hour cycle, evokes Day with the symbol of the sun, and Night with a crescent moon and constellation of stars.

The inscription on the dial evokes the motto Carpe Diem, inviting us to ‘seize the day’ without worrying about tomorrow.

Steel case
18-carat solid gold dial
Steel bracelet
Registered design
Price: CHF 28,000

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