JORDI Swiss Icon Collection – Red Horizon & Magic Sunset

Swiss luxury watch maker Michel Jordi unveils two colourful new models enriching the JORDI Swiss Icon collection launched in 2011. Just two years after its creation, the brand now well established in Switzerland is broadening its horizons.

JORDI Swiss Icon Collection - Red Horizon & Magic Sunset

Michel Jordi’s passionate relationship with his native land is a constant source of inspiration for the entrepreneur. It is truly in his chalet surrounded by the majestic Alps that he senses the full measure of time and finds inspiration for his model with their powerfully evocative aesthetic.

JORDI Swiss Icon Collection - Red Horizon & Magic Sunset

Legendary mountains and glaciers compose stunning scenery. In the evening, the sky ignites to put on a spectacular show. With their shimmering reddish orange bezel and inner bezel ring, the two new models in the JORDI Swiss Icon, Red Horizon and Magic Sunset, pay a vivid tribute to the Alpine sky, while boldly proclaiming their distinctive character.

JORDI Swiss Icon Collection - Red Horizon & Magic Sunset

The sophisticated case is made of blackened stainless steel. The design of this model reflects the distinctive identity codes of the collection: the domed sapphire crystal is reminiscent of a pebble from the Rhône River; the generous hands symbolise human arms joined in a gesture illustrating the truth that there is strength in unity; while the cylinder-shaped crown frames a deconstructed interpretation of the Swiss flag.

The popular folk-inspired Swiss paper-cut art, interpreted in an updated style by JORDI Swiss Icon, lends a subtle touch to the dial while creating a powerful alliance with the resolutely contemporary design.

JORDI Swiss Icon Collection - Red Horizon & Magic Sunset

Red Horizon is a chronograph for thrill-seekers with its movement crafted in the Vallée de Joux and its 360-degree oscillating weight.

The case is made from blackened titanium. The dial enlivened by three counters displays a large date at 12 o’clock. Water-resistant to 100 metres, Red Horizon features a 44 mm diameter and is teamed with a rubber strap.

The 45 mm-diameter Magic Sunset model is equipped with a quartz movement powering a dual time-zone display that will appeal to travellers, who will doubtless also appreciate the large date at 12 o’clock.

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