Rönkkö Steel Labyrinth

Finnish watchmaker Antti Rönkkö unveils his brand new Steel Labyrinth timepiece. His creations are inspired from the famous “Finnish Silence”, which is ethnologically rooted from the appreciation of others and it means the aware creative fermentation of thought.

His new model is inspired from the Labyrinth structures and designs. In Greek mythology the Labyrinth was an elaborate structure designed specifically to contain the Minotaur, the mystic beast – part man and part bull – dwelt at the very center of the Cretan Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth symbols, structures and designs were widely used in history and it can be found in modern structures also. This symbol has appeared in various forms and media (petroglyphs, classic-form, medieval-form, pavement, turf, and basketry) at some time throughout most parts of the world. Labyrinths in sacred sites around the world are also used to help to achieve a contemplative state of meditation Antti Rönkkö incorporates these designs in his new watch model, Steel Labyrinth.

The Steel Labyrinth, which features the meditation friendly Labyrinth dial, can also be used as a tool for contemplation. The practice of meditation is proved to be the best way to gain self-knowledge and insight. Solving the Steel Labyrinth can be thought of as a personal pilgrimage; one can follow the path, ascending toward a quiet mind and deeper inner knowledge.

This exceptional timepiece is equipped with AR1 manual wind movement, which is connected casing without movement-ring by two screws. The 41 mm and finished, Stavax ESR hardened stainless steel case features dragon foot design. The labyrinth textured dial with black DLC coating is the main attraction of this timepiece. The transparent sapphire crystal case back enables to view the movement features.

Technical details

Model: Steel Labyrinth


Movement AR1

Manual wind

Hours, minutes, small second at 7 o´clock

36h power reserve

18000 vibrations per hour (2.5Hz)

17 jewels

Breguet balance spiral

Movement diameter 35mm and height 3.5mm

Plates are made of non-plated German silver, except pallet Lever Bridge and Escape Wheel Bridge made from stainless steel

Finishing of the movement: bottom side circular graining (perlage), top side straight line grinding, edges are hand bevelled and polished with many interior and exterior angles

Movement is connected directly to the casing without movement-ring by two screws


Dragon foot design – diameter 41mm and height 11.5mm

Hand finished, Stavax ESR hardened stainless steel case with satin finished surfaces and polished edges, completely nickel free

Dial side curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating inside, Back side flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating inside

Stainless steel crown with AR logo

Water-resistant to 3 ATM


Complex labyrinth textured dial with black DLC coating

Stainless steel index ring with 4 screws

Hands:  Hands made from stainless steel


Various types of leather

Hand finished, Stavax ESR hardened stainless steel buckle with satin finished surfaces and polished edges, completely nickel free.

Antti Rönkkö wanted to design and manufacture his own timepiece because the mechanics of today did not fit his ideals for sophistication and perfection in watchmaking. He wanted total freedom for designing the mechanics based on the ideals of centuries’ old handcrafted watchmaking tradition.

Each Rönkkö timepiece is a culmination of long horologic tradition combined with passion, endurance and inspired Finnish design. The determined timekeeper of Rönkkö is based on solid technical foundations incorporating centuries’ old knowledge and the highly prized tradition of watchmaking by hand.

There is an old Finnish proverb: Hiljaa hyvä tulee – meaning that the secret for greatness is born from silence. A timepiece of Rönkkö is a perfect example of this philosophy of life.

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