LINDE WERDELIN SpidoLite II Tech Limited Edition

LINDE WERDELIN launches their new model SpidoLite II Tech in two series of 75 pieces each. The main development of these two series is a new case in Alloy Linde Werdelin “ALW”, carbon, ceramic, gold and a ceramic coating for titanium.

During the last two years, the Danish – Swiss watch brand has tested and developed new materials and composites that best suit the purpose of each LINDE WERDELIN timepiece. The new SpidoLite II Tech is a result of this experimental approach. Aspiring to achieve a lighter and stronger case, LINDE WERDELIN has focused on the combination of two new materials for the inner and outer case.

For weight reduction the new “ALW”, a strong composite of metals, has been conceived for the inner case, while the outer case is crafted in forged carbon. The inner and outer case and the bezel have undergone numerous tolerance tests to find the optimal relation between the three materials. A further challenge has been to establish the correct balance between the strength and lightness of the skeletonised carbon case.

The new SpidoLite II Tech is released in two series:
– SpidoLite II Tech Gold : ALW inner case with skeletonised outer case in forged carbon and an 18 karat rose gold bezel and crown.
– SpidoLite II Tech Green: ALW inner case with skeletonised outer case in forged carbon with ceramic bezel and titanium crown treated with a ceramic coating.

LINDE WERDELIN is embracing new techniques and testing innovative solutions to achieve the ultimate sports timepieces. The inner case of the Spidolite II Tech is crafted in ALW. ALW is an alloy of metals which is 50% lighter than titanium.

The inner case, which originally retains the same strength as steel, receives 25 microns treatment to harden its surface, while achieving a radiant red or green colour visible through the angular hollows of the skeletonised outer case sides. 2/3 of the treatment goes into the ALW, while 1/3 is applied onto the surface, resulting in a composite stronger than steel.

For the outer case of the SpidoLite II Tech, LINDE WERDELIN has developed a new technique to skeletonise the carbon, to guarantee the challenging balance between its strength and weight reduction.

Forged carbon is made of chopped pieces of carbon fibres forced by pressure and mould into the skeletonised case. Since the fibres are not oriented in any particular direction, the finished part is strong all around, while remaining light. The four screws on the case are in titanium and secured with tension disks in Hytrel, a thermoplastic polyester elastomer to provide flexibility and strength and protect the carbon.

On the SpidoLite II Tech Green the bezel is crafted in ceramic, satin finished with diamond stone. The crown is made out of titanium with a newly employed ceramic coating, completed with satin finish to ensure extreme durability and strengthen its surface. The SpidoLite II Tech Gold features 18 karat rose gold bezel and crown with a microbillé and satin finish. Both series bear a new LW Spido signature on the crown.

The movement is visible through the dial where the upper part bears a black treatment on a perlage surface with blue screws.

The engraved Spido icon and the black satin hand finished rotor bearing a gold or green LINDE WERDELIN marque are visible through the sapphire crystal case-back. The date wheels are treated with ceramic coating on SpidoLite II Tech Green and in rose gold on the SpidoLite II Tech Gold.

The SpidoLite II Tech is powered by the LW 04 custom-made mechanical automatic movement by Valérien Jaquet of Concepto; independent movement manufacture based in La Chaux de Fonds.

The dial consists of two skeletonized layers. The Côtes de Genève lower dial carries the LINDE WERDELIN logo and is laser-cut, revealing angular hollows conveying depth to the dial. The upper dial bears the luminova indexes. The red or green date wheel, with opening at 3 o’clock matches the second’s sub-dial numerals at 9 o’clock.

SpidoLite II Tech Gold is available in a limited series of 75 pieces, retailing at CHF 17,500 ex VAT. SpidoLite II Tech Green is available in a limited series of 75 pieces, retailing at CHF 13,000 ex VAT. The two series are available from any LW authorised retailer from July 2013 in local currency.

Technical details

Model: SpidoLite II Tech
Numbered Series: 75

Outer case crafted in forged carbon with matt finish
Inner case crafted in ALW with 25 microns treatment and microbillé and satin finish
Constructed with 19 components
2.2mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal / See-through sapphire crystal in back case
Ceramic coating treated on titanium screw in crown
Spido icon and sub-dial engravings
Dimensions: 44mm (w) by 46mm (l) by 15mm (h)
Water Resistance: 100m

Two-part skeletonised upper dial
Côtes de Genève lower dial
Luminova indexes
Date wheel red or green
Hours, minutes, and sub-dial for seconds
Steel hands with luminova

LW 04 custom-made mechanical automatic movement by Concepto
42 hours power reserve
Balance frequency: 28,800vph, 4Hz

SpidoLite black textured calfskin strap with red or green stitching and ardillon buckle, interchangeable within LINDE WERDELIN’s proprietary strap system

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