Blauling Watches 2013 Spring / Summer Collection

Although colorful watch dial is prevailing for a while, only little branded watches are capable to make good sales by niche design like colorful paintings in the whole watch collection. That’s why the consumption of such prestige luxury products is confined in a small group of consumers.

The mission of the new watch brand Blauling is to launch the artistic and interesting timepieces as affordable luxuries. In 2013, at Basel world watch and jewellery fair, the brand unveiled their colorful watches inspired from the sparkling world of butterflies.

Blauling, the German name for a blue butterfly, is a Swiss made watch focusing on the lady watches of colorful dial. The inspiration for Blauling came on a visit to a tropical nature park in 2008.

The owners of Faithtex, Mr. Jean Dominique Cornu and Mr. John Wong were visiting Papiliorama, near their head office just outside Neuchâtel, where they encountered a world of butterflies, flowers and birds. They decided to share what they had seen through a new watch brand, and Blauling, the German name for a blue butterfly, was born a year later.

Although Blauling insists on beauty and craftsmanship, it is not inaccessible artistic luxuries. In fact, Blauling has the vision to share the beauty with the beloved ones. It commits to provide the watches that always charm and delight you.

Therefore, the retail price ranges from USD320 to USD2000 only. In additions, it does not only have the colorful Murano Aesthetics series but also the elegant Geometric design which is of strong visual impact, which make it capable to cater the lady needs in different occasions.

The unique design, fine craftsmanship, and affordable price make Blauling successfully capture the trendy beauties to be its fans. This together with 27 ranges of over 100 current SKUs, and new product launch of over 20SKUs per annum, make it capable to bloom in the Middle East, Russia, and the Asian market. In 2013, Blauling is going to develop the China market in which 8 POS will be opened.

Blauling 2013 Spring / Summer Collection

Inspired by the dazzling glass art traditionally created on the Venetian islands of Murano in Italy, Blauling applies the many colors and fine craftsmanship on the mother-of-pearl dial to depict small creatures like birds, butterflies, dragonfly and the natural landscape in the Blauling watches.

Most of the Blauling watch dials are beautifully crafted with mother of pearl in brilliant natural colors using delicate tracery and often studded with crystal or raised with three-dimensional effects for achieving charming and wonderful natural scenery.

The natural luster on the watch dial makes each Blauling watch unique. All these create a strong visual impact and form the unique “Murano Aesthetics” for Blauling.

Blauling Watches Papillon

The masterpieces include the Papillon, which applies the Mosaic color gradation on mother-of-pearl dial to illustrate a flying butterfly with strong visual impact, and the Libellule, which highlights the gossamer delicacy of the dragonfly to illustrate the graceful posture of the dragonfly.

Blauling Watches Libellule

In 2013, Blauling launched 3 new series for the spring / summer.

Whisper – This is the first time Blauling incorporates the photographic technique and the “Murano Aesthetics” in a small second hand structured watch to project an image of shallow focus between two flying butterflies and the tender blossoms. This crafts the wonderful moment of the two whispering butterflies in blossoms.

Blauling Watches Whisper

Sunflower – Legend has it said that a fairy was willing to transform herself to sunflower just because she fell in love with Apollo. Blauling artist makes use of the off-centre structured watch to depict a close-up for the petals and the pistil of the sunflower, through which to express the passionate love on the MOP dial.

Blauling Watches Sunflower

Hide and seek – Being another off-centre watch model, “Hide-and-seek” is the landmark in the Blauling Murano Aesthetics. On the rich lustered mother of pearl dial, trio butterflies are playing hide-and-seek among the flowering shrubs and one of them are set afloat. “Murano Aesthetics” of Blauling formally evolves from two-dimension to three dimensions.

Blauling Watches Hide and seek

With marvelous design and the wonderful craftsmanship, each creation from these timepieces is no longer a time-teller but artistic and interesting accessory. This together with prong-setting of cubic zirconia on decorative bezels, fine mother- of-pearl dial, and the Swiss Ronda movement, make Blauling become your portable art piece, enabling you to enjoy the wearable beauty.

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