BOVET Pininfarina Cambiano Cambiano Chronograph Special Edition

It was in 2010 that the partnership between BOVET 1822 and Pininfarina was formed. The meeting of Pascal Raffy and Paolo Pininfarina, and the human values they share, gave rise to the now legendary BOVET by Pininfarina collection.

With the complementarities of two family Houses, each respected for its unique talent, came a shared and heartfelt desire to redefine genuine luxury: a level of excellence synonymous with good taste, attained by constant and meticulous attention to detail. It was only natural therefore that this shared determination to express time differently should bear fruit, as evidenced by the OTTANTA®, OTTANTADUE and OTTANTATRE tourbillions, and also the Cambiano Chronograph, universally acclaimed by collectors since it first appeared in 2011.

At the 82nd Geneva Motor Show in March 2012, the Turin-based company presented its first “concept car” designed and produced entirely in-house. It is a sporty, electrically-powered luxury saloon whose design and quality of finish are on a par with work that has forged the reputation of the Italian designer over the decades. Called the Pininfarina Cambiano with good reason, this prestige vehicle features as its dashboard clock none other than the special edition Chronograph of the same name.

Patented by the House of BOVET in 2010, the Amadeo® system, which can be found on all Fleurier and BOVET by Pininfarina collections, allows owners to convert their timepiece into a wristwatch, a miniature table clock or a pocket watch without the need for any tools whatsoever.

The ingenious nature of this convertible system designed by Pascal Raffy showcases the versatility of the Cambiano Chronograph to still greater effect in its role as a dashboard clock. Indeed the centre console of the “concept car” is equipped with a housing in which the timepiece can be secured by its emblematic bow and attachment at 6 o’clock. When the driver leaves the vehicle, it takes only a few seconds to convert the dashboard clock into a wristwatch.

To mark the launch of this first vehicle in fitting fashion, and in special association with it, the limited edition Cambiano Cambiano Chronograph employs superior quality materials already present in the car’s passenger compartment. Its strap, normally rubber, is lined with the same leather used for the vehicle’s upholstery. In a rare departure, the car features solid oak parquet flooring, using timber from the pillars on which the city of Venice is built. The same wood, renowned for its robustness and stability, is used for the counters of the Cambiano Cambiano Chronograph.

Each of the eighty pieces of this limited edition is numbered on the oscillating weight of the movement, whose splendid decorative detail can be admired through the sapphire crystal of the case-back.

Technical details
Model: Pininfarina Cambiano Cambiano Chronograph Special Edition

Type: AMADEO® Convertible (wristwatch, table clock, pocket watch, sports counter)
Diameter: 45mm
Thickness: 15.45mm
Case-band: Circular satin-finished steel
Bezels & bow: Ball-milled steel
Crown & push-pieces: Polished steel
Water-resistance: 30 metres

Buckle: Steel

Rhodium-plated with solid oak counters sourced from the piles on which Venice is built.

Type: Self-winding chronograph
Diameter: 31.00mm (13 ¾ ‘’’)
Thickness: 8.40mm
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations/hour (4Hz)
Power reserve: 50 hours

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