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Alfex Watch Collection 2013


Timepiece, bracelet, design piece and unique accessory: Alfex’s innovative and original spirit is expressed in the Translucent 8X bangle-watch.

Taking the simple lines and regularity of a geometric shape, the octagon, as a starting point, the watch’s design uses repetition to create a pattern that is multiplied to infinity and forms the bracelet’s structure. In a rejection of rigidity, the shiny steel latticework is enveloped in a translucent material in which it seems to float.

The dial breaks with convention, positioned off-centre and framed by the outer edge of four octagons. The hour and minute hands move across a surface with a sunray finish.

This creation is the fruit of advanced technological research combined with a passion for design and a desire to overcome a challenge, that of establishing a technical and harmonious aesthetic balance between two very different materials: on the one hand, strong and flexible shiny 316L steel, and on the other, transparent and lightweight acrylic with a grey smoky finish.

Translucent 8X is equipped with a Swiss Made ISA quartz movement and is water-resistant to three atmospheres. It is available in two sizes: regular and small.


A certain playfulness and a desire to have some fun inspired Alfex’s designers to create this new collection of original and playful watches with a vintage mood that evoke the carefree spirit of the 1920s.

The small and elegant dial, with a diameter of just 15 millimetres, it given greater presence by the rectangle with rounded corners frame within which it slides. By moving the wrist, the wearer causes the dial to “swing”, thus amplifying the beat of time. The hours are indicated with linear markings at 12 and 6 o’clock.

Following the Alfex philosophy, the watch becomes an accessory, and in this case, a piece of jewellery that marks the passing of the minutes as it swings to the pace of our daily lives.

The Swing collection comes in three variations: two with simply coloured dials—silver and black—paired with a steel bracelet, and a third with a pure silver dial in delicate contrast to its gold bracelet.

The steel links form a chain of rectangle that echoes the dial’s frame. Swing is equipped with a Swiss Made quartz movement and is waterproof to 3 atmospheres.


The strict proportions of a perfect square and the purity of its simple lines form the outline of Alfex’s Sweet Square model. A feminine watch with a definite appeal that adopts the unique choice of a bracelet/strap consisting of a metal ring and a leather band that, on the one hand, showcases metal design, and on the other, guarantees comfort and optimal ease of wear thanks to the leather.

Three squares of different sizes embrace the wrist, with the 24 x 24 millimetre case in the centre. The collection offers two dial versions in silver and black – tones that are echoed in the straps with a steel pin buckle. Sweet Square watches are equipped with a Swiss Made quartz movement and are waterproof to 3 atmospheres.


An exercise in design: joining and overlapping forms give life to a timepiece accessory that expresses Alfex’s taste for watchmaking creativity.

The Watchscope collection possesses a 24 x 34 millimetre case with a bezel formed by two intersecting rectangles: the first, made of shiny steel, is laid horizontally, and the second, steel with enamel coating, sits vertically. The end result is a two-tone frame that accentuates the bracelet’s telescopic effect.

Colour makes delicate inroads in this line, which, in addition to black and white, sees the addition of beige that offers a contrast to the pure colour of gold-finish steel. There are a full five models in the collection. The white dial is proposed with a steel bracelet and hour markers; the gold-finish steel bracelet comes with hour markers in the same tone, and a version where two different shades cohabit on the same watch.

The models with the black dial and beige dial are proposed against a more sober backdrop of pure metal tones. The bracelet takes its cues from the shapes defining the outlines of the case and the shrinking rectangles that create an effect of perspective. Watchscope watches are equipped with a Swiss Made quartz movement and are waterproof to 3 atmospheres.


Like a ribbon of tiles hugging the wrist, an ordered mosaic brings gives form to a bracelet adorned with ceramic inserts that create an optical effect.

Geometry dominates, regular shapes are repeated, and the watch becomes a bracelet, an everyday accessory that rests softly on the wrist. In the centre of the 26-millimetre square case is a minimal black or white dial with the Alfex logo at 6 o’clock; the logo is also engraved on the bracelet.

A high-quality and very resistant material, the ceramic of the bracelet’s inserts add a precious touch to this Alfex creation. The simplicity of the shapes is accentuated by the colours of the metal. Watchtivi watches are equipped with a Swiss Made quartz movement and are waterproof to 3 atmospheres.


An extra-large 40 millimetre case paired with an extra-fine leather band swathed in black whose double twist around the wrist that captures the attention with an element of surprise.

Alfex’s classic design displays astounding linearity and attention to detail. The dial has a sunray finish that lights up the surface on which the baton hour and minute hands turn, unexpectedly sporting the same finish as the crown.

In addition to its natural colour, the steel is also with ultra-feminine and ultra-chic gold and pink gold finishes. The Watchtwice line is equipped with a Swiss Made quartz movement and sapphire glass and is waterproof to 3 atmospheres. The back is closed with four screws.

ERGO FLAT 5729/5730

Alfex has created a collection of watches that capture the traditional values of Swiss watchmaking revisited in light of the brand’s spirit of design and passion for purity.

A classic shape, with its round case, that is available in two sizes: a 40-millimetre diameter for women and 44 for men. A slender bezel leaves space for the ample dial with its sunray finish and minimal linear elements: markings at 12 and 6 o’clock, baton hands and the Alfex logo at 6 o’clock. The choice of sapphire glass and the unique bracelet express the collection’s Swiss personality.

The steel, occasionally two-tone bracelet, is fine and flexible for maximum comfort. The collection also includes models on a leather strap with a pin buckle. Traditional details for a minimalist collection typical of the Swiss design tradition.

There are four versions for her, two with a steel bracelet and two with a leather strap. The same are available for him, as well an additional variant with a taupe dial on a steel bracelet. The case back is closed with four screws. Waterproof to 3 atmospheres.

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