Icelink “Zermatt Gold” Limited-Edition

Swiss-based luxury watch and jewelry brand IceLink announces the addition of 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold cases to their coveted Zermatt timepiece collection. With the original Zermatt limited-edition collection in such high demand, IceLink has expanded the line tofurther magnify the richness of the timepiece.

You know it’s an IceLink when you see a watch with six faces, but the Zermatt combines all the zones on the same dial, under one crystal. And now, the extension of the line, Zermatt Gold, brings you the world in incomparable IceLink style with approximately 190 grams of 18K Gold added on the case. The buckle has been modified to mirror the shape of the iconic case and has approximately 15 grams of 18K high polish gold.

Icelink “Zermatt Gold” Limited-Edition watch

“Zermatt Gold” is a numbered, limited-edition six-zoned collection of stunning men’s timepieces featuring five time zones and a date zone. Combining the creative extravagance of Los Angeles with the sophistication of Swiss savoir-faire, the watchmakers from IceLink have implemented a rectangular mechanical movement, ILMM1, that powers all five zones simultaneously.

This limited edition collection has an assortment of fifty, two-of-a-kind watches, one with an 18K rose gold case, and the other with an 18K white gold case. Each timepiece will have a series number emblazoned on a unique case. A special one-of-a-kind ILMM1 mechanical movement powers all five time zones simultaneously, and setting one automatically sets the others.

Icelink “Zermatt Gold” Limited-Edition mechanical watch

It’s imposing case measures 63.32mm x 43.13mm and is divided into a sleek, clean grid, exuding masculine appeal.

The unique collection features six functioning zones – five displaying the hour and minutes of New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, home zone, and one with the iconic IceLink logo with rotating seconds, perfectly synced for moguls and jetsetters alike.

The 4 cities have an open disc with night/day indicators. Powered by special ILMM1 mechanical movement, the international dials simultaneously maintain five different time zones and have a power reserve of 48 hours.

The heart of the watch lies in the back of the case where the ILMM1 is revealed through a sapphire glass. The deeply curved case ensures that the watch lies comfortably on the wrist with its black rubber strap and logo buckle. Retail Price $97,500Price is subject to change without notice based on market gold price.

Technical details

Model: Zermatt Gold

Dimensions 67.3mm x 42.6mm
Material: 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold
Sapphire glass
Crowns: 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold
Finishing: High Polished finish
Engraved serial number on case side and logo on case back sapphire glass
Water Resistance 5 ATM

Sandblasted black dial with Rose Gold color, and Nickel color hands and accents

Black Rubber
Buckle: 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold

IceLink analog mechanical movement
Caliber: ILMM1
Movement Size: 51.43 mm x 34 mm x 10.50 mm
Manufacture: Swiss made
Jewels: 43 Jewels
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Wheels: 58
Components: 327
Frequency: 4Hz (28,800 Alt/h
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Resistance to magnetic fields: Spiral anti magnétique

Single movement controlling 5 time zones and seconds indicator
Day/night indicators
New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Home Zone
Individual time zones can be adjusted separately using individual crowns or all at once using main crown.

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