Backes & Strauss Victoria Princess Limited Edition

Backes & Strauss, the world’s oldest diamond company, unveils the new Victoria Princess limited edition watch inspired from a 19th century brooch with two linked hearts.

Those linked hearts are now fully intertwined. They have become their own motif, repeated in a circle of everlasting love, like that of Queen Victoria for her husband Albert. She was so smitten with him; she proposed the second time they met. Evidently, in the spirit of women going after exactly what they want in life just like Queen Victoria once did, the Backes & Strauss Victoria Princess watch has proved such a hit with a lengthy list of international pre-orders, that Backes & Strauss are now limiting production to five pieces a month. This is a watch that is feminine in the extreme. The tactile interior gold finish of the bracelet has been designed for ultimate comfort.

With a pink mother of pearl dial, the watch is set with 604 Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds totalling 5.5 carats. Thanks to hundreds of hours of planning, precision cutting and hand polishing by the diamond experts, when viewing a Backes & Strauss diamond up close with the help of a special viewer, a perfect series of eight arrowheads becomes visible on the top of the stone. When examining the stone from beneath, eight hearts circle the diamond. Every Backes & Strauss watch comes with its own Hearts and Arrows viewer.

Technical details
Size: 18mm dial Ø, 35mm Ø incl interlocking Hearts
Case: 18 carats White gold case with interlocking hearts – 212 diamonds – 1.87 carats
Dial: Mother-of-pearl dial – Available in different colours
4 Ideal-Cut diamond indexes – 0.04 carats
Hands: Sword-shaped hands
Movement: Quartz Movement
Display: Hours, minutes and second
Bracelet: Jewellery interlocking hearts bracelet – 404 diamonds – 3.38 carats
Water resistant to 30 meters
Total Carats: 604 Ideal-Cut diamonds – 5.50 carats

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