1953 – It is now almost 60 years since Sam Glur, then Sales Director of the Biel watchmaking company Glycine, was sitting in the cockpit of a DC4 between Bangkok and Calcutta, listening to the pilots carefully explaining the ideal requirements of a modern frequent-flyer watch. Their wish list included a watch with an automatic movement, a 24-hour display, a second time zone and luminous numerals.

The Airman “1953 Vintage” is a tribute to the AIRMAN No.1 by Glycine, and is a faithful reproduction of the original, but updated with the latest technical requirements.

This timeless beauty is powered by a rhodanised Swiss automatic movement. Entirely in keeping with the AIRMAN No.1, the watch is only available as a 24-hour watch with two time zones, that is, as a purist design.

This ageless and alluring timepiece is presented just as it was 60 years ago in a wooden case true to the original, together with a 1950’s style guarantee certificate. Only 600 pieces of the anniversary AIRMAN are being made available at a recommended retails price of 2350 Swiss francs.

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