Mondaine Wrist Watch with Stop2go Function

Stoptogo is a unique feature of the Swiss Railway (SBB) Clock to ensure smooth and absolutely precise departures of Swiss trains on the full minute for the last 70 years. An ingenious design by a Swiss engineer employed by SBB, which ensured train punctuality would become a visible concept across the globe.

A timepiece that ticks off the minute at 58 seconds continues to charm and intrigue; Swiss watchmaker Mondaine has incorporated this unique motion within its Mondaine – SBB/Official Swiss Railway Watch.

The fascinating execution of “stop2go”, like on the original clock, features the famous red second hand that turns full circle in 58 seconds and then waits at 12 o’clock for the black minute hand to move on, before jumping one marker forwards, starting its next rotation.

Mondaine asked designer Martin Drechsel, to come up with a design for the new watch. As a tribute to its industrial background he framed the stainless steel case with two matt-brushed stainless steel braces, fading to the horns to fit the strap. The crown has been built as a functional switch for easy time setting of the new and unique movement, which was developed by Mondaine, to ensure clear visibility of the 12 o’clock second stop and iconic dial. The crystal is made from scratch resistant anti-reflective coated sapphire glass.

A true statement for the wrist with a diameter of 41 mm and striking case design, the soft black strap made from natural leather completes this Swiss Made timepiece. Combining classic Swiss style and quality, Mondaine are only available at authorised, professional watch dealers; accompanied by a two-year warranty and backed by the Mondaine International Service Organisation (MISO). Suggested retail price TBC.

Technical Information
Swiss quartz Movement Mondaine cal 58-02 stop2go
Time – second stop at 12 ‘clock
Screwed case back, individually numbered
Stainless steel case 41 mm
Anti- reflective coated sapphire crystal
Genuine leather strap
Water resistant tested to 3 ATM
Swiss made
Reference number A512.30358.16SBB.

The Movement
The Stop2Go Swiss movement was developed exclusively for Mondaine over the past 4 years. The development was a complicated task as a regular quartz watch works with only one motor controlling the hands movement. The Mondaine stop2go has two synchronized motors; one to move the second hand, the other motor to release the minute hand jump and to turn the hour hand. The sweeping second hand glides for 58 seconds around the dial and then stops for 2 seconds at 12 o’clock. The minute hand then jumps one marker forwards and the second starts again. The two motors that drive the continuously sweeping second hand have high power consumption; therefore this model is equipped with a larger battery to ensure an operating life of more than 3 years.

Special Integrated Circuit (IC)
The accuracy of the watch is set by the quartz crystal but the brain is the unique IC that controls the hands. With a regular quartz movement this is relatively simple, as all hands move forwards together. The Mondaine stop2go seconds hand travels around the dial for 58 second, and then pauses for 2 seconds at 12 o’clock. The IC stops the second hand stop at the 12 o’clock position and releases it exactly after 60 seconds have passed in synchronicity with the minute hand jumps which jumps forward one minute.

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