Buccellati Agalmachron Collection

Agalmachron is a new collection of ladies’ watches from the Italian jewellery house Buccellati.
The Greek word Agalma has several meanings: it means decoration, statue or jewel, but it can represent, in a love relation, the object of desire, an object that shines until it blows. This idea has been the main inspiration for Gianmaria Buccellati in creating this collection of watches that he wanted to call Agalmachron.

After almost a decade of drawings, mounting trials and research of innovations, the Agalmachron watches are ready to conquer the admiration of a competent and refined public, inclined to evaluate a concept rather than a simple object.

Among all the sketches, Buccellati has selected those that remind classic and universal concepts evolving through harmonious decorations and increasing the attention on what is most important: the shape.

The strong yet essential shape of the Agalmachron welcomes the setting of diamonds or colored gems as a more precious means of reading time. Perfectly adaptable to all occasions and dress, the jewel-watch magically takes on the personality of its wearer.

Agalmachron has a bewildering pure and timeless shape, marking the time of modern people, those who love a classic style but are at the same time future oriented. It sets a perfect combination of shape and decoration, interacting. The gold maximizes the preciousness of the objects and the light of the diamonds enhances the liturgy of time.

In this new collection of precious watches, Buccellati wanted to set the splendor of the most beautiful gems – diamonds – to exalt a strong personality, made of unmistakable character and brightness. In addition to that, everyone will have the chance to discover the exciting suggestions of Caravaggio or Mondrian in the red color of rubies, in pink and blue sapphires, in green tsavorites. As in the Renaissance paintings, the color is bold but perfectly combines with gold, giving the watch a luxurious and extremely elegant dimension.

The superb artisanal mastery confirms once again the height of the Swiss watchmaking art and of the Italian high-end goldsmith’s art of Buccellati.

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