KudOkTourbi – KUDOKE Meets Habring²

Stefan Kudoke joins with Austrian watch making brand Habring² to unveil an extra ordinary timepiece: KudOkTourbi. Both watch making brands have been creating fine mechanical luxury timepieces over the last years.

The unusual KudOkTourbi  timepiece  can be admired from all angles through two sapphire glasses of the 42 mm case made of stainless steel. The Alligator strap and folding clasp holds it firmly at the wrist.

Octopodes are rumored to be quite intelligent. Following this, they like to explore their environment. In doing so the “KudOkTourbi” discovered its preference for Habrings’ flying one minute tourbillon, not willing to release it from its rose gold tentacles. Fascinated by almost 100 high precision components rotating every minute around its own axis, “KudOkTourbi” enjoys new insights that constantly vary. After feeding it keeps the movement running for 44 hours.

According to Octopodes’ natural habitat the remaining movement is featured all black – just like the depth of the sea. Besides, the “KudOkTourbi” has a special gift: with its two tentacle tips filled with blue ink it is able to exactly determine time.

Its eight tentacles also represent the exclusive limitation number of this shy maverick. You can give “KudOkTourbi” a lovely new home at a price of 29,900 Euro (incl. 19% VAT). This unique timepiece will be unveiled at Basel world 2013.

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