Fitted with a broad, sturdy and reliable steel case, CHANGE watches from Italian watch brand LOCMAN come with a highly innovative internationally patented feature: the strap may be changed in one smooth move at any time of the day by slipping it in and out of a dedicated slot on the back of the watch that works like a belt loop.

This interchangeable strap system provides a chance to choose a different colour to match a specific outfit or a mood, or else a different material better suited to a given situation and to the changing world around the wearer.


Through the ease and speed of this gesture, LOCMAN CHANGE is revolutionising the modern view of the watch, propelling it from its conventional status as a simple and static timekeeping instrument that is separate from other surrounding objects, to a new role as a truly interactive instrument.

CHANGE watches are sold in an elegant soft leather pouch with a set of natural leather straps in various colours that are perfect for more formal or urban occasions, or an anti-allergenic plant-dyed silicon strap clearly designed for sports activities.

The innovative characteristics of CHANGE watches are the focus of a spot AD that LOCMAN has shot on the Island of Elba, where the watch Brand has its own headquarters.

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